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Aug 8, 2018
Jul 9, 2014
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Aug 13, 1979 (Age: 39)


Developer, Male, 39


Begin januari zullen wij een update geven en zal te lezen zijn op onze website. Dec 23, 2014

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Aug 8, 2018
    1. Big J
      Big J
      I have a MINIX z64 android and I have seen a few videos on YouTube of people running Windows 10 on any android. Do you know or could point me to a up to date post or a list of what to do that details the procedure. Just to be clear I don't want to change my android system, just the ability to run Windows 10 on android. Thanks
    2. dpak
      My Minix Neo X8-H got stuck. There is no any display in TV Screen. I have tried resetting it but nothing happen. The power is ok. I have also tried unplugging HDMI Cable & check again plugging it but still nothing happen. So, Please help me out. Your help in this process is highly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.
    3. Jaro
      I read in one of your posts from September 2016 that you were preparing development for upgrade of X8H+ to Andriod 5.1.1. There was no possibility to answer the post as it was closed for further posts. Can you please tell us if there is any progress in this? The issue seems to be quite big for some of us. Thanks
    4. wanda bennett-gould
      wanda bennett-gould
      A few days ago my minix neo x6 stopped working. First Exodux just disappeared, then it just stopped working completely. I really don't know how to fix it at all. I'm not tech savvy. I got the box in support of my coworker. We've become dependent on it and now NADA.... Please please help
    5. Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Android app store "PAKISTAN TV LIVE" by Eboundservices Inc. is working perfectly on mobile but not on Minix U1. Circle pointer keep on rotating but no live stream starts.
      Similar is the case with another app "PTCL SMART TV (Official) by PTCL Smart TV.
      Would you please help how to resolve the issue?
    6. Thundercats
      Ik ga hier lekker ff in t Nederlands iets posten ;) : Heb een Neo U1 met HWGuruKodi er op. Als ik een film afspeel (niet alleen via internetstream, maar ook vanaf mijn NAS) heb ik om de paar seconden hele korte (maar o zo irritante) audio drop-outs. Ik heb de laatste firmware voor de U1 geinstalleerd, maar niks helpt tot nu toe. Komt HWGuru XBMC/KODI nog met een update waarin dit probleem verholpen is?
    7. Paul Egger
      Paul Egger
      Hello, i have 2 Minix NEO X( Plus and no go connecting by Ethernet. I do not understand what is wrong. I have an Laptop - Hub - Minix. On the Laptop i can see that hi sends packets bath the Minix do not answer.
      Why ??? Please help me. On the Minix is the last firmware and all Updates!!!
    8. Mike Costello
      Mike Costello
      how do you get the blackbox front page on the minix box app installed just will not allow it to be displayed as the menu bar in kodi
    9. Mike Costello
      Mike Costello
      hi there wondered if you can help me I have placed kodi 15.2 Isenguard on the box but it does not seem to load the blackbox front page which features the star wars logo's front menu panel, then below that you have the sub menu.
    10. Zan Zigi
      Zan Zigi
      Maybe this is not the right place to request for this, but im desperate so i had no choice. I saw a posting somewhere online about your ported Minix x7 mini CE(2.2.0) to ugoos ut1, which im so i need to fix my box, but all links are down. i will appreciate it if you give a link for the file. you are my last resort on this. please, thank you.
    11. David Rousseau
      David Rousseau
      Good evening from Canada! We are testing a Z64 before buying multiples for a Museum project. But, we would need a firmware adjustment to allow portrait mode. Can you help us ? Thanks.
    12. Andre2014
      Hoi, heb een Minix Neo X8-H maar na de laatste update van Isengard 15.2 valt mijn radio steeds uit moet de zender dan weer opnieuw aanzetten het gekke is dat het met verschillende tussenpozen is, toen ik mijn Minix kocht had ik ook zo'n probleem dat zat in de software kun je mij helpen.
      Groeten Andre,
    13. JZ_JRMC
      I have a Neo-X7-mini build JDQ39 software version 2014-06- I need to be able to run in portrait mode to post information on a display for a hospital foundation. I am trying to help them for free and was hoping you could help me get a custom rom to allow portrait mode.
      Thank you!
    14. Ariel Masri
      Ariel Masri
      I received a MINIX NEO X8-H Plus. i use it only for XBMC.
      What are the latest sofware version for the minix and for the XBMC? where i can see if is updated or not?
      how i can upgrade it? exist some post about it?

    15. ShawUK
    16. ronaldotten1234
      hey hallo kan jij me helpen ik heb windows 10 maar hij herkend mijn mini x5 niet bij device blijft hij onbekend ik heb RK_DriverAssitant geinstalleerd en die zegt ok op het eind ook heb ik in divice handmatig de mag geselecteerd met de driver erin maar daar zeg hij dat ik de laaste software al heb maar toch herkent hij hem niet
      wat moet ik doen ?

      alvast heel erg bedankt mvg ronald
    17. kish
      hi. just purchased a minix x 8 h plus with an air remote. the air remote microphone doesnt work so cant use viber or skype. i watched a you tube video desceibing how to use the voice functions of the remote but the settings for sound on my remote were i can choose audio input or output is absent on my interface. only has 3 options for volume'/, tapping sound and another. please any assistance will be most welcome
    18. gvpatelgm
    19. gvpatelgm
      i have neo x7 it dead
    20. Diggy
      Hi, I just recently purchased minix x8-h plus and would like to know how I can update my firmware I don't have a pc / laptop only thing I do have is my smart phone the build number is KOT49H.20141122 would be great full if you can help thanks
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    Aug 13, 1979 (Age: 39)


    If you have a question... Please provide detailed information !
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