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Jan 18, 2018 at 10:55 AM
Aug 7, 2014
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Jan 18, 2018 at 10:55 AM
    1. Hms Zone
      Hms Zone
      Expensive option is to order this product that is available on futeko website in UK - MiniX UK PSU Spare UK PSU for MiniX NEO X7, X7 mini, X8, X8-H, X8-H Plus. Original MiniX product. I'd like check if cheaper option work on Minix Neo U1. Any suggestions please.
    2. Hms Zone
      Hms Zone
      Hi John, Hope you could help. I have Minix Neo U1. It looks like its power supply has failed. Cheaper option is to use a USB cable with DC connector jack of size 5.5mm x 2.1mm with a Samsung power adapter of 5.3v and 2A. Would it work?

    3. helixdpr
      Purchased October, 2016. Worked fine until about two weeks ago. Followed all published procedures on this forum to use pin, plug in power, push button and hold breath, my NEO Z83-4 is just a brick with a dim green light. The return process for this company is the strangest I've ever heard. "Contact John," they say. But, John was "last seen: Jul 7, 2017." This is August 3. What now?
    4. guyd2017
      Hi John,
      Forgot to mentioned that my NEO Z83-4 Win10 Home will not allow updates. Getting error message - not enough space on reserved partition to update. Please advise if there is a work around to this issue.
    5. guyd2017
      Hi John,
      My NEO Z83-4 that I purchased from Amazon on June 15, just stop working. Will not boot anymore. I’m getting a black screen when I try to boot. I tried to reset to no avail. I would like to return it for replacement. Please email for my address at dubeg@rogers.com. Thanks.
      1. guyd2017
        Thanks John for your quick handling of my issue. Your company offers one of the best customer service I’ve experienced.
        Jul 3, 2017
    6. SLauder
      Hi John
      Villa (Super Moderator) suggested i contact you in my quest for a replacement A2 lite remote dongle.

      Forgive me if this is a duplicate request, i had start "a conversation" inviting yourself and Villa with this request.

    7. John_848
      Hi John: OK?

      Bought MINIX NEO U1
      ->FORCE RGB OUTPUT switched but at each reboot the color screen problem persists.
      Your collegue KEN have been working on the problem. I have just updated my device to last firmware but problem persists. HOw can this bothering problem be resolved? Will you be able to release an update to solve satisfactorilythe problem for us all?

    8. AbC
    9. FGendron
      Hi John,
      Problem with new Minix NEO Z83-4. Initial configuration went fine, but after I moved the unit to my office, it refused to boot... No more blue LED at boot, just a faint green LED and black screen.
      Tried the 5 seconds reset button (hole) without power with no result... This unit is on BIOS v1.3
      Villa suggested to contact you to have this unit replaced.
      Thank's in advance for your help.
      1. Villa
    10. Feranmi
      Hey Guys,

      After updating my unit today, the system optimized all apps but couldn't start app...kept saying starting app and wouldn't even go to home screen at all.

      Please what can i do?
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    11. Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Android app store "PAKISTAN TV LIVE" by Eboundservices Inc. is working perfectly on mobile but not on Minix U1. Circle pointer keep on rotating but no live stream starts.
      Similar is the case with another app "PTCL SMART TV (Official) by PTCL Smart TV.
      Would you please help how to resolve the issue?
    12. Jackaleen
      Hi can you please help me in did a refresh to my Minix neo ×6 and now I can't get anything back on it I even Uninstalled and reinstalled kodi but still nothing I'm getting frustrated with it I also used tvmc and can't even download it anymore
    13. sas
      hi john i dont know how to see my movies on my tv from my laptop with my minix
    14. mickyd
      Hi John,i am new to this and not sure how to post so sorry if this is the wrong way to go about it but getting frustrated with my Minix Neo X-8 H Plus. all i want is to find a Toshlink optical audio cable to fit my machine. Dont know why they recessed the optical port but here in Australia no lead will click in place and stay there. Do you know of any place that has the correct leads.
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