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Aug 7, 2014
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Hong Kong


Former MINIX Team Member, Male, from Hong Kong


Ken's been in a new journey of developing new products for his own brand name and will check this forum occasionally as a volunteer. Dec 27, 2017

      Guys please check uploaded neo u1 firmware files, all files are corrupted i cant unzip. i was tried one week back, i thought minix will found this issue, tried again today but still same. also wrong md5. please update link ASAP
      Dear Admin all donloaded firmware files (008,009,010)for neo U1 corrupted, i cannot extract it also md5 checksum error. this issue since last week. did no one reported to you? please upload another file. i was in 009A beta version cant do OTA.
    3. WhipCracker
      Hi Ken,

      Can you please confirm with my Minix X5 Mini that if I remove the sticker over the top of one of the chassis screws to att a CR2032 battery for the RTC clock, if this will void my warranty at all?

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    4. Kook
      Hi ken can u help me get live t.v.
    5. pabloXtC
      All the time I have a problem with your USB-C adapter with HDMI.
      In July, the adapter was with you replaced.
      It is still the same problem when connecting my Macbook 12 to Dell 27"monitor via HDMI.
      The image swipe and from time to time is black for about 10 seconds.
      What should I do? I can not work normally. I'm disappointed.
    6. hengchan
      NEO U1 FW009A - 20160816

      Full system image with USB flashing tool:

      After download the Full system image with USB flashing tool, checksum ok, rar file extracted, the flashing show "device connect successful" but when I import the .img file there is an error "parse error with the image file", how to solve it?
    7. Thorsten
    8. Gabriel Camargo
      Gabriel Camargo
      Hi Ken, I've just bought the minix C and everything seems to be working but the HDMI port. I've connected to an external monitor to no avail. I've read that a firmware upgrade might fix the issue. Could you please provide the download link and instructions? Thanks Gabriel
    9. Matthias Holtmann
      Matthias Holtmann
      Hello Ken, may I ask you how to connect my NEC MultiSyncE243WMi to MacBook 12' via MINIX Neo C? Neither screen nor MacBook respond when dvi-cable is connected.
    10. Nancy Papos
      Nancy Papos
      Hello Ken,
      Hope you are well.
      I have the neo x-8h box and it has been playing fine but for some reason I've lost all me data, movies, favorite shows etc. do you know why? And is there a way to restore it??
    11. Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Hafiz Muhammad Naveed
      Android app store "PAKISTAN TV LIVE" by Eboundservices Inc. is working perfectly on mobile but not on Minix U1. Circle pointer keep on rotating but no live stream starts.
      Similar is the case with another app "PTCL SMART TV (Official) by PTCL Smart TV.
      Would you please help how to resolve the issue?
    12. Freddie
      Hi,I have got u1 with xbmc 15.3 and it keeps on buffering can you help me how to sort it out?thanks
    13. Dappa168
      Hey, I purchase a Neo U1 in Feb, the unit works great until I tried turning on the unit tonight. Seems it's not booting up at all. Just seems to stuck on the screen with Minix and the Androids Logo on the black screen. I've tried unplugging the unit same thing, even the same while holding the power button for 6 seconds. I'm not sure can someone advise what to do
    14. Ross gill
      Ross gill
      Hi there. Having problems with opening up some apps but mostly genesis. I can open up the cile but ones i get past the first screen that has movies,tv shows ect i cant open anything else. Do you know have any advise?
    15. sandra lee
      sandra lee
      Why did.all my addons disappear
    16. Taff18
      Could you tell me how I find which firmware version I am currently running on my Minix X8H Plus.....Thanks
    17. dmetz
      All of the folders within another folder are listed from Z-A instead of A-Z. Can you advise me how to change this? Also when i was using the WDTV i could open up say a music folder and it would play one song after another but on the X5 mini i can only get it to play one song and then i have to manually switch it to the next song. Can you also advise me how to set the settings so it will just continue to play?
    18. Shukor
      I just bought x5 mini. Please help me installing xbmc addons.Thank you
    19. Iliyachak
      Hello Ken,
      I would like to make a setting for audio Dolby 5.1 pass through from HDMI in my Minix Z64 device.
      Can you please guide me that should iI do.
    20. MINIX - Ken
      MINIX - Ken
      Please DO NOT send me private messages, and DO NOT post messages to my wall, I got no time to read them, sorry and thank you.
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    Hong Kong
    Ken's been in a new journey of developing new products for his own brand name and will check this forum occasionally as a volunteer.


    Please DO NOT send me private messages, I don't have enough time to check them, thank you for your understanding! (y)