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3D SBS or OU files mostly not recognized as 3D movies

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by yogib3ar, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. yogib3ar

    yogib3ar New Member

    Been using Minix 8h-plus since 2015 with firmware 13.3.3
    Never had any issues never upgraded, not even the firmware.
    Using it purely for XBMC 2D movies and tvseries.
    However, just bought an LG 3D tv (OLED) and oh boy what a TV guy's you wont believe your eyes.
    This TV also has a 3D capability, so started out by downing some 3D content in the form SBS, HSBS, OU and HOU.
    The half versions seem to be recognized as 3D right away (in the list showing a 3D icon).
    But most 3D HD versions are not recognized as 3D content (and thus showing a HD icon).

    In the system settings I have kept the default settings for 3D

    To circumvent the HD recognition problem, I have to, during playback, select the in-movie button system, select the movie settings icon and force-ably choose the SBS or OU option.
    Then and only then I get a 3D icon in this movie button menu system, and can turn the 3D on.
    After that the 3D works.

    Started to think, oh well, perhaps a new version of XBMC Minix is needed, so upgrading to the newest firmware and trying the 15.3 and 16 (beta) versions.
    But the 15.3 and 16 versions were even worse.
    1 : They didn't return the menu system to 2D view when the 3D movie was stopped
    the 3D system video play menu changed from 'unknown' to the setting I used (the 13.3.3 does not change this setting which is most likely correct.)
    2 : An even bigger hassle to realize 3D output in comparison with the 13.3.3 version. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

    Now for the question:
    how can I resolve the HD recognition problem without the hassle of going through the movie button menu or are these just bugs which never will be resolved?

    Have a Nice one...
  2. JeroenR

    JeroenR Member

    How do you name the movies? I have many 3D movie's and the correct naming is: Movie (2017).3D.SBS.xxx or Movie (2017).3D.TAB.xxx. This way the system recognises it as a 3D movie. There are some further settings in the system so that you get a question wether you would like to watch the movie as preferred, or in a different manner. But I have to make some screenshots for this. Naming is the first important step.