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Beta Release 4.4 firmware for X7 mini

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by MINIX - John, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Obi-Wahn

    Obi-Wahn Member Beta Tester

    I would like to test the new firmware.
  2. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    @Obi-Wahn , @Nestor
    Added you guys to the test team.
    Look in the forum section: General > Beta testing > X7mini firmwares

    Have fun guys
  3. tiemen26

    tiemen26 New Member

    goodday like to test firmware as well for minix x7 tried to download everytime interupted
    brgrds tiemen26
  4. Max

    Max New Member

    Got 2 x7 minis I wouldn't mind testing firmware on
  5. Max

    Max New Member

    For a future wish, it would be nice if Libcec (from pulse-eight) was included in the firmware somehow, so you can use the CEC adapter with the X7 mini
    Tried it priviusly but the adapter wasn't recognized at all :(
  6. lonetwin

    lonetwin New Member

    Hi, I got myself a X7 mini last week just to have something hackable to play around with besides also having a media center and discovered that you guys are working on this new 4.4 release.
    Now, I'm not an active forum member yet since I just joined but I'd like to beta test this image. I tried the link in the first post but the download stops approximately at 31MB, so I'm guessing that's not the whole file. Could you add me to the list of beta testers ?
  7. tiemen26

    tiemen26 New Member

    lonetwin goodday use a download manage had the same problem
    with downloadmanager no problem
    brgrds tiemen26
  8. lonetwin

    lonetwin New Member

    Thanks for the tip. Downloaded the img with a download manager and updated my mini x7 using the Linux Upgrade Tool ( mentioned under the linux section at wiki.radxa.c..m / Rock / flash_the_image ) and everything is peachy ! :)
    Btw, just thought I'd report this -- there appear to be 2 'Setting' app (RKBasicSettings apps) icons in the application list, one named Setting and the other Settings -- but don't know where is the best place for this sort of thing. Any suggestions ?
  9. tiemen26

    tiemen26 New Member

    lonetwin gd
    noticed this also no prob for me
    until now firmware good and no probs
    very fast and stable installed xbmc for minix latest one and kodi all good
  10. pilyo

    pilyo New Member

    Its nice.
  11. salford6

    salford6 New Member

    No one chatting since jan 2015?So is there FW for minix mini 7?Also any idea why my windows 8.1 wont recognise my mini 7 device.Tried different ways to sort drivers but to no avail.Appreciate any advice.Thank you
  12. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Latest firmware is here...

    As for Windows 8 issue I posted a link after your other post!
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  13. salford6

    salford6 New Member