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96/24 support

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by Justintime, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Justintime

    Justintime Active Member

    I would like to know if 96khz 24 bit audio can be enabled?...

    Everything gets down sampled to 48khz
  2. corganjordan

    corganjordan Member

    it should be capable of doing this, i hope they fix this for next release.
  3. radoslaw79

    radoslaw79 New Member

    And to 16bit... :(

    While Neutron Player has 64bit internal processing.

    Audio up to 96kHz and 24bit is really enough for Android device, so please enable it.

    We don't need 364kHz and 32bit ;)
  4. chrmzn

    chrmzn New Member

    the minix neo x8 would be undefeatable with a 24/96 toslink output.
    that way the minix could be a perfect audio and video streamer !
  5. Elovelo

    Elovelo New Member

  6. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    +1 for me, too. XBMC should be able to stream bit perfect audio, now even 16bit 44.1khz is re sampled to 48khz which messes up the sound. XBMC is capable to stream bit perfect as long as Android reports the bit rates and depths to be available, which they are. Should be easy to fix in a next firmware update.

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  7. Bart T

    Bart T New Member

    +1 Please include USB audio - up to 192 kHz 24 bits.
  8. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Yesterday I ran Minix update and I was happily surprised by the KOT49H20150205 update. Yippee! But, tough luck, all PCM is up sampled (or down sampled) to 16bit 48kHz. Will have to wait of the next update.
    Minix, could you please have Android report the sound output to be compatible with 16 bit 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz? And while you're at it, 24bit 96kHz and 24bit 192kHz? Can't wait to hear the Minix play my FLAC's bit-perfectly, that would make the Minix the ultimate movie and sound box...
  9. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Sorry folks! unless Amlogic/Minix modifies Android KitKat AudioFlinger, there will be no native support for sampling >48kHz or 24-bit audio.
  10. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    That's too bad to hear, WeK05. But to be honest, I'd already be happy if XBMC would not resample my 44.1kHz 16bit FLAC's to 48kHz because I can hear the difference and it's not good the way it it now... Is it at least possible to have those bit-perfect?

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  11. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    I know that Android KitKat has issues with audio resampling. Lollipop has floating point sampler and a better linear interpolator for resampling along with few other audio improvements. Are you playing your music files with XBMC's PA Player or DVD Player?
  12. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    I am simply using XBMC. On my old HTPC running OpenElec, XBMC would switch to the closest sampling rate and bit depth, but on my Minix it always resamples to 48kHz which ruins the sound of 44.1kHz CD's (I ripped all my CD's to FLAC format).

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  13. Justintime

    Justintime Active Member

    One of the reasons I stepped away from Android. And took the ChromeBox OpenELEC route.
  14. slowdown

    slowdown Nursing Case

    Please support DTS@44.1khz.
    So far only DTS@48khz plays as DTS Passthrough - 44.1khz DTS will be transcoded to DD@48khz.
    This affects all ripped SACD sources. Transcoding this sorces to DD decreases quality hearable.

    Hope - this feature will be available soon.
    DTS@44.1 khz 16|24bit are standard DTS audio formats, that should be supported!

    Thanks for support!
  15. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    I'd love to move to OpenELEC and see various discussions of people running Codesnake's build on the Minix Neo X8-H.
    Feel it's premature to do that now, but in a few months I hope that it's mature enough to go OpenELEC.
    Don't want to move to another box, the Minix should be able to do fine in the end!
  16. Justintime

    Justintime Active Member

    Please give up the hope that it will play HD Audio... Flacs and DTS master and true HD. Because it never will... Just look on some YT videos with CB Openelec... You never want something else.
  17. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    YT videos with CB OpenELEC? Don't understand, but interested.. can you tell me more?
  18. Justintime

    Justintime Active Member

    YouTube videos with Chromebox Openelec... Just do a search..
  19. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Check, thanks
  20. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    For those not interested in HD audio, but at least wanting to have 24bit 96kHz or even 24bit 192kHz PCM sources to play as they should (i.e. not down sampled to 16bit 48kHz) you can also go OpenELEC on the Minix.
    Finally audiophiles can enjoy using the Minix for listening to their audio files bit perfect :)

    Check out this thread: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/openelec-minix-x8-h-plus.3342