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96/24 support

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by Justintime, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Shameless bump, but was wondering if there is any development around this for the minix firmware. A box like this should support 96/24 IMHO.

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  2. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Rob, it's a matter of installing openelec. Just a few days ago @surkovalex posted a release of openelec 6.0 for the Minix and it works flawlessly. Up to 192/24 native straight to your DAC or processor both through SPDIF or HDMI. All codecs work except DTS HD. Move away from Android, OpenElec has much more advantages. And by now openelec for Minix is rid of the child diseases.

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  3. Thanks for the tip ArceeKay, I could give this a try but I was attracted to android and also don't want to waste my warranty. Is there any going back to stock fw after openelec? It sounds like a small feature to build.

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  4. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Yes you can easily move back to stock firmware, no one will ever know ;-)

    It's not a small feature to build for Minix at all, Android doesn't allow it. That's why it's a good idea to move away from Android.

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  5. Ok, that explains it! Thanks, I will consider this
  6. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Most recent builds at the moment can be found here:

    The X8 build works on the Minix Neo X8, the Minix Neo X8 Plus and the Minix Neo X8-H.
    The X8HP build works on the Minix Neo X8-H Plus.

    The 6.0.0 version works very well, I've tested it on both the X8-H and the X8-H Plus. In all ways better than running Kodi on Android, no doubt!
  7. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    As a reminder the upgrading process:

    To install OpenElec on your X8-H, X8 Plus, X8-H Plus, follow this procedure:
    1. Download Minitool Partition Wizard from here: http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html (thanks @@Roylegr!)
    2. Format your SD Card with Minitool Partition Wizard in FAT32 format
    3. Rightclick the USB partition in Minitool Partition Wizard, and under Modify, selected Change Partition Type ID
    4. Select 0x81 Minix/Linux and click OK
    5. Then click Apply on the top left (don't forget this, as Minitool Partition Wizard doesn't apply immediately)
    6. Now download the OpenElec 6.0.0 Surkovalex build from here:
    - For X8, X8 Plus and X8-H use http://www.amlinux.ru/image/6.0.0/OpenELEC-Amlogic.arm-X8-6.0.0.zip
    - For X8-H Plus use http://www.amlinux.ru/image/6.0.0/OpenELEC-Amlogic.arm-X8HP-6.0.0.zip
    7. Unzip the three files in this ZIP file to your formatted SD card.
    8. Turn off your Minix X8-H completely and insert the SD card in the side slot.
    9. Then with a paperclip press the little reset button on the back of your device and keep it pressed while turning on the device. When you see the Minix logo appear, release the paperclip from the reset button and wait.

    The screen will go black. Scary, because it stays black for a long time. But, eventually OpenElec comes up.

    There you go, OpenElec is installed. The sound won't work straight away, wait a few minutes and it works.
    And, in OpenElec sound will work in all resolutions up to 24bit 192kHz which is the main reason why I said goodbye to Android and moved permanently to OpenElec.

    For those in doubt, it's easy to move back to the original firmware. Flash back to the official Minix firmware with the USB installer from your laptop or PC.
    To do so, download the official Minix ROM for your device (X8, X8-H, X8 Plus, X8-H Plus, ...) from the respective forum thread and then follow the procedure here:
  8. Here we go.... ImageUploadedByTapatalk1446980902.047716.jpg
  9. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Brilliant! Let me know how you like it. You'll soon be listening to your audio files at 192/24 (y)
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  10. Seems to work fine, I just need to get the settings right. I get 24/96 now, so that's great. DTS master audio does it seem to work though, you mentioned DTS HD, so I guess that is the same. Looks like I have solved one problem and received another
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  12. mattheu

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    will it updates himself automaticly when installed
  13. mattheu

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    oke thanks
  14. Enzo Umberto

    Enzo Umberto New Member

    Allows OpenELEC the HD audio output with the X8-H Plus?
  15. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Yes it does HD output for audio files. Only DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD does not work.

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  16. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member