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X5 A Quick Question

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by BladeJacko, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. BladeJacko

    BladeJacko New Member


    I'm currently helping my Dad with his NEO-X5-116A. All the addons he has on there don't seem to be working, so I'd like to flatten the box, then install the latest firmware.

    Kernal 3.0.36+ zeng@ubuntu
    Build: RK30_ANDROID4.2.2-SDK-V1.00.00
    Android: 4.2.2

    Having looked around I've found several links for guides on how to do this, i just want to make sure i have everything i need before i start wiping things etc.

    Is anyone able to give me a very general overview on how the whole update process goes as it'll be so helpful knowing where to start. Also, I read in a post somewhere on this forum that i'd need a batch tool, ive had a search but couldn't find anything.

    Is the below link the latest firmware?


    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. sandaker

    sandaker New Member

    use android tool 2.1

    1. go to upgrade firmware
    2.click firmware choose firmware
    3.click onto demo and choose rk-3066-250 OTA firmware
    4.click erase flash and ok
    5.ath the last click upgrade
    6. thats all
  4. creeek

    creeek New Member

    here is a good explanation