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A roundup of everything from the last month

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Gh0st, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    A lot has happened in the last month of 2014 so I thought I'd take the time to post it all up here and link to the relevant topics.
    As with all firmwares READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU FLASH!!!!
    I have flashed more devices than most of you have had hot dinners but I still read the instructions twice!
    It takes 5 minutes to read them a second time but it only takes one second to screw it up!

    Official Firmwares

    MINIX were certainly busy in December with numerous firmware updates being released & the new FOTA service being rolled out into all the AMLogic devices (X6, X8/H/Plus).
    These firmwares really have taken the boxes to another level and the boxes all run smoother than ever!

    Stock Firmware 003

    X8 & X8-H
    Stock Firmware 002a

    X8-H Plus
    Stock firmware 002


    Beta 8 has been released, it now has the frequency switcher made by @jk-nz incorporated into it.
    It's hard to believe how nicely this runs on the NEO devices from what it was like a couple years ago when it was first released. Many thanks to @koying for his continued development and support here at our forums!


    Fix the A2 & A2 Lite back button in XBMC
    As far as I know this only happens with newer A2's.
    Here is a keymap.xml made by @Michael Farrugia that rectifies the problem of the back button going back to the homescreen instead of just up one folder.

    Custom Firmwares

    X7 KitKat Community Edition Firmware 2.10
    Our resident dev crew @HardwareGuru @gufone & @KAR have certainly outdone themselves with this firmware! A lot of time and effort has gone into this project & it shows! My X7 has never ran so fast and smooth.
    For those asking about other models, there will be releases of this firmware for the X7-Mini, X5 & X5-Mini in the coming months.
    Please don't hassle the guys for ETAs, They are just normal guys like you and me who do this in their spare time. The wait will be well worth it I can promise you that much. I had always shrugged off the Minis but after trying a private beta I am absolutely blown away!!

    Custom Neo G4-108A KitKat ROM
    @jukiveins came out and surprised us all with this release! I havent had the chance to test it myself as I have the C version of the G4 but from the reports I've read, it has seriously breathed some new life into the G4.
    A lot of hard work has gone into this firmware and he has successfully turned the mild mannered G4 into a beast of a stick!

    Configurable Custom Firmware for X8 & X8-H
    @messer Has come through and given X8 users an extra choice in firmwares for their X8 & X8-H boxes.
    Something I can't remember seeing before in the NEO devices is the inclusion of Aroma installer.
    He is actively working on it and looks to be making it for the X8-H Plus as well!

    Finless Custom Firmwares
    As always Bob is very active over at the freaktab forums making custom firmwares for all the latest AMLogic NEO devices. The dude is a machine, I think he'd make a custom firmware for a tyre if he could ;)
    Downloads and support as always can be found over at his forum.

    A big thank you to everyone for their efforts, both devs and end users alike.
    The move to our official forum has been great! We look forward to an exciting 2015.
    Some exciting new projects will be revealed at CES
    Stay tuned as you'see the news here first!!!

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2015
  2. Michael Farrugia

    Michael Farrugia New Member

    Sorry to correct you but the back button problem is present on the X7 too :)
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  3. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Fixed, thanks mate ;)
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  4. Michael Farrugia

    Michael Farrugia New Member

    Tell them to produce a remote which is a combination of the A2 and the M1. A remote that have all the functions of the A2 with an inbuilt rechargeable battery like the M1 it would be the perfect remote, no need to change batteries just plug and charge with all the features the A2 remote has :p
  5. Kallamamran

    Kallamamran New Member

    The best remote control ever would be the one where the TV-picture got cloned to your smartphone, not the other way around!!! I just can't believe why there isn't such an app yet? I have been looking like crazy!! :(
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  6. exodus123456

    exodus123456 Member

    Yeah, that would be great, it would be something like "YATSE" for xbmc.

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    You mean something like teamviewer quick support? I never tried if it can control android from android phone. I use it to control minix from pc.
  8. exodus123456

    exodus123456 Member

    Yeah, an app that allows you to navigate/control the minix UI using the phone/tablet, this would allow correct and comfortable use of some apps that use touch controls (e.g. VIKI app) and once you start a video it goes only on the minix and the app on the phone goes to a google remote-like state in order to be able to pause, stop the video or exit the app (the google remote state would only be activated when playing a video)

    Sounds sane? :cautious:

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    Sounds like a good idea. It would allow to start a music/radio app without turning on the TV...
  10. Emanuell Hitardo

    Emanuell Hitardo New Member

    It was a great year for MINIX!

    But, as Android TV comes out, MINIX should step up the game.

    Intel-based SoCs is a good way, with two boot OSs, one being Android 5.0 Lollipop, being the reason to delay the Intel box release - I am assuming.

    I will be continuing to support MINIX, and spreading the good word.
  11. Kallamamran

    Kallamamran New Member

    That's about exactly what I mean and Yes, it can control the Minix without a problem. I have actually been running it and remoting the Minix from my computer when I have configured the apps in the Minix. Much easier than any available remote control. even easier than any remote control app in the phone.
    I still think, though, that having a cloned Minix screen on the phone, beeing able to control the Minix like it was your phone would be the best way to do it. It would render any other remote control obsolete!! :)
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  12. Deco

    Deco Active Member

    you completely forget why many of us like "old fashion" remotes - simply because we don't have to look at them! - we can feel the buttons and operate them with our eyes closed.

    besides there is no such thing as a perfect remote, trust me i tried everything the last 20 years - there's ALWAYS something that could be better for that one person and something else for another.

    out of the 4 remotes i got for my boxes:

    the original IR minix remote
    the M1
    the A2 lite
    and the Mele F10 pro

    i must say the mele does the best job (though the A2 got better keyboard), in combination with a xbox 360 controller or the NES30 gamepad, it's close to perfect - though the M1 has the higest WAF (wife acceptance factor).
    will get the Mele F10 deluxe one of these days and see if that can help me skip the gamepad ;)

    a sidenote to the battery vs. rechargeable further up.. Mele remote is rechargeable and does go to standby when not used, A2 seems to be always on :( - mele turns of mouse automatically when you flip it around for keyboard, A2 does not, and leave it in mouse mode (same for M1) the battery drains very fast - and if you ask me what i would rather do, change batteries and continue what i was doing, or wait a few hours for my remote to charge, i would take the first one ;) - just a few tiny things that makes a difference..

  13. Kallamamran

    Kallamamran New Member

    Nope... I've not forget :) When it comes to the old cell phones where you could SMS while you where driving without being a danger to your surrounding I do agree with you, but when it comes to the digital evolution where intelligent displays and touchscreens are the thing. I don't think this apply completely in the same way.
    I for one don't want to have to change where I'm looking between the big 50" TV and the tiny smart phone display to see if I have spelled something correctly. Having the possibility to see the screen on the phone would totally eliminate this! :D
    I would say that the best thing would be (for me at least)... A clone of the display on the phone and the possibility to control it just as if it actually was in my phone. Add a wireless mouse to that and we have a winner :) Buttons are so 90's ;)
  14. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    @Gh0st Nice roundup mate.. (y)
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  15. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    have you found a way for your pc to connect to the minix using teamviewer without having to run back and forth to the minix to allow the connections ! ?
  16. Kallamamran

    Kallamamran New Member

    I have not. There must be some better solution!