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A2 lite does not work, but power on/off button

Discussion in 'NEO A3, A2 Lite Airmouse' started by sashka999, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    I have just recieved Minix Neo U1 with A2 lite remote (keyboard on the back).
    Plugged in A2 lite transmiter into Minix usb (tried all of the usb exists).
    Put new 2 AAA batteries into A2 lite remote.
    Turned on minix box.
    The only button that works is turn on/off.

    How can I activate whole A2 lite remote?

    I can see red IR light blinking when I press buttons, but it does nothing.
    I'm 0.5 meters from the minix box and poiting to minix IR.
    Original minix remote works fine, but I don't see its arrow or pointer, thus very hard to point on something and select it. Thats why I need A2 lite remote to work...

    Any suggestions?
  2. copyer

    copyer New Member

  3. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    Thanks for responding.
    I have tried it yesterday, no luck.
  4. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    Seems like only IR works, but no connectivity remote with transmitter.
    Any known solution?
    Please help!
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Do you have a PC/Laptop you can try it with?
    If it doesn't work with that then I would say it is faulty?

    FYI The Power button is IR the rest are RF.
  6. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    Do you mean to connect transmitter to my Laptop with Windows 10 ? Do I need to install a driver or something? Since I have connected it and still remote does nothing.
    Should I try to connect wired keyboard to Minix and see if I can type anything? Or it also will need only Android compatible keyboard?
  7. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    I have connected transmitter to Nexus 5 phone and Galaxy Note 8.0, but still does not work. Although I'm not sure they support RF.
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    No driver needed for Windows!
    Plug in and it should work.

    You can connect a USB keyboard to the Minix if you want, but it will not prove anything as the issue is with the RF receiver!

    Looks like you got a duff one! :(
    Time to return it for a replacement.
  9. sashka999

    sashka999 New Member

    Yeah, seems like you are right...
    Keyboard works, that means usb exists are fine.
    Connected transmitter to my laptop and no sign of remote working.
    Will try to return it to reseller from ebay.

    Thanks a lot!