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ACTIVE mini DP to HDMI adapter

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by MINIX - Ken, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all Z83-4 users,

    We have been receiving a few negative comments mentioning that the mini DP cannot be converted to HDMI as we have stated that on our product description and giftbox.

    In fact the mini DP output can be converted to HDMI/DVI output, however to do that you need an active mini DP to HDMI/DVI adapter for which many of those adapters on the market are NOT.
    That's why we are saying that it's not supported for safety reason - We don't want users spending money buying the wrong adapter and can't get the correct output.

    It's time for us to clarify this:

    Only ACTIVE (with built-in signal conversion IC) mini DP to HDMI adapters are supported by Z83-4, for example:



    And the maximum supported output resolution is 4K 30Hz (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz), as limited by the CPU.

    Passive (without IC) adapters like these DO NOT work with Z83-4:



    Please kindly note.

    Best Regards,
    Team MINIX.
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  2. huy

    huy New Member

    Dear Ken
    I followed you guide to buy an mini DP to VGA : ugreen 10437
    Because output is Analog signal so there must be a conversion active chipset.
    But it didnt work with z83-4
    This adapter functions normally on my intel Nuc5myhe, which has 2 mini DP port. But it didnt work with all my 5 z83-4 PCs. I confirm that.

    So may be you should streamline your guide about adapters. This Ugreen firms produce another mini DP adapter, like model 10403, 10549, 20422, 20418. Can you help me take a look and advice what model can do the job?
    Thạnk you.
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Did I guide you to buy the ugreen thing?
  4. huy

    huy New Member

    Dear Ken
    I believe you once said that a mini DP to VGA adapter is an active converter, which can be use with z83-4
    Anyway, i think the adapter problem is quite complicated and we users need more help from you guys at Minix than you might think.
  5. Hi Ken, I didn't see any information about ACTIVE mini DP to VGA adapter is neccesary in user manual or product box and I bought an passive adapter, of course, it didn't work. Can you recommend me an ACTIVE mini DP to VGA adapter working fine with Z83-4. If you prefer I can create a new post. Thank you very much in advance.
  6. huy

    huy New Member

    Dear Jose Antonio Villanueav
    On the product box, MINIX wrote: "Only support mini DP to D Sub conversion". In this context, D Sub is a type of connector used for VGA port.
  7. Hi huy, thanks for your answer. I saw the advertisement at back of the box, but I think is easy misunderstanding for a not advanced computer user. For me, a good message it's like at the top of the post by Ken: "you need an active mini DP to HDMI/DVI adapter". Anyway, do you know any active mini DP to VGA adapter working fine with z83-4?. Thank you very much for help me.
    Best regards.
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  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Ken has given two examples in Post #1

  9. Hi everybody, finally I bought the original Apple mini DP to VGA adapter and now my Z83-4 works perfectly connected to an analog LG screen. Thanks for your help.
  10. Sticklizer

    Sticklizer New Member

    I purchased the following active adapter:
    TNP Mini DisplayPort to DVI Active Adapter 4K UHD Ultra HD 1080P Video Converter Wire Cord Male to Female Compatible with Eyefinity Graphics Card
    I would post a link, but the forum isn't letting me.

    I have a ASUS 144hz monitor that I was trying to utilize with DVI. I don't plan on utilize it for gaming but the 144hz is very pleasant on the eyes with normal tasks. When I connected the monitor to the adapter the screen turned on for 1 second then turned off for 10 saying there wasn't a signal. it continues this loop of 1 second on, 10 seconds off so I am unable to change the intel driver settings. Any thoughts on this? I imagine at least 60 hz would default, but it doesn't seem to keep a stable signal. BTW the HDMI works fine so that is what is working in the meantime. most recent drivers and bios were installed recently. Let me know what you think.
  11. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo Martinez New Member

    Is possible yo use bouth video outputs at the same time?
    I was thinking about DP converted to the TV and HDMI to the receiver
  12. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  13. mcspook

    mcspook New Member

    My setup is
    Hdmi => receiver=> tv
    Mini dp => active adapter=> projector

    I purchased an active mini dp to hdmi and the image is working BUT no sound!
    When i connect the mini dp to the minix i get sometimes bluescreen on startup before windows boot and when it's booting the sound is not working. I tried everything and when i try testing the sound it shows me that it currently used by another program (i dont remember exactly the message)
    The adapter is the DELOCK 4K ACTIVE MINI DP 1.2 TO HDMI

    It was a pretty expensive adapter and I bought this minix for this job.. I'm surprised that no one has the same problem.
  14. mcspook

    mcspook New Member

    I find a solution for my problem by updating the intel hd driver from intel :https://downloadcenter.intel.com/do...dows-10-8-1-for-Intel-Compute-Stick-STK1A32SC and by right clicking the intel hd graphic icon from the taskbar -> graphics options -> output to -> Clone Displays and chosen the digital television display(amp+tv) + digital display(projector). this sent the sound to my amp.
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  15. Bad Brad

    Bad Brad New Member

    Will this cable work then?? I appreciate the link above for the adapter. The cable below works for the finicky Surface Pro dock.

    It won't let me post but it's amazon ID number B0134V3KIA

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  16. Montana

    Montana New Member


    It follows for knowledge the active adapter that I am using. Tested and working properly.

  17. fredhutt

    fredhutt New Member

    This unit is excellent but if you are going from miniDP to HDMI why not just go HDMI to HDMI. I am running an AOC 4k monitor at 4 k res ( 3840 x 2160 ) with an amazon basic HDMI lead ok at 30pHz but I am not gaming on this I am webbin , studdying, streaming and small amount of programming.
  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I guess some users need 2 HDMI displays.
  19. dbenyakar

    dbenyakar New Member

  20. spaceagecom

    spaceagecom New Member

    OK, I have bought the amazon/Displayport-Adapter-Converter-Topoint-Thunderbolt...(#2 listing) and have plugged into the mini DP and using an HDMI cable to second monitor and no display. I have gone into the HD Graphics Control Panel on Minix Z83-4 PRO and still only has one (signal) monitor listed. Just not seeing 2 monitors. I have been trying to run the Mini DP Port to the second monitor for over two weeks and any help on this would be great! If any one has the Mini DP Port working please inform whit I need to do. Thanks

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