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ACTIVE mini DP to HDMI adapter

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by MINIX - Ken, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. spaceagecom

    spaceagecom New Member

    Tripp Lite Mini Display Port 1.2a to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter Cable 4K x 2K 6ft 6'
    Just a update: received this cable in today Model: P586-006-HD-V2A and this one works well
    with the Z83-4 Mini DP Port. Little high in cost, around 35.00 dollars but works great. After Three

    cables and a order to amazon finally got one that works. The Z83-4 Pro is now showing two monitors
    and I am real happy! FYI
  2. SAGB

    SAGB Member

    This DP to HDMI active adapter works for me... look up "Mini DP to HDMI Active Adapter, ICZI Mini DisplayPort" on amazon ca. $17.98 Canadian

    Make sure you have the monitor turned on and plugged in when you first start up the Minix z83-4. for first time setup. Have had no issues.

    My setup is kinda weird though... I'm using an HDMI to VGA adapter for one monitor and a DP to HDMI for the other. Was the most cost effective way for me to use dual display.
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