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After FW005 Audio dropout on all my movies with Dolby Digital

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by The Matrix, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    Thanks for this topic! It helped me to have passthrough on my U9-H :)

    Edit: well, it worked, but not for long however.

    I did exactly this:

    My steps were:

    1. Upgrade Minix Neo U9-H to last firmware
    2. Do factory reset
    3. Clear Android cache
    4. uninstall Kodi 17.1
    5. install Kodi 17.3
    6. setup passthrough in Kodi (Android audio settings were untouched)
    7. start Kodi and watch movie in DTS HD MA, Dolby Digital and Dolby surround
    8. A day later: passthrough not working again
    9. Repeated step: clear android cache
    10. Repeated step: change Kodi audio settings to default
    11. Repeated step: setup Kodi audio passthrough settings
    12. Watch movies with passthrough again
    13. Again a day later: passthrough not working again
    14. Repeat clear cache, standard settings and setup passthrough
    15. Working again, and after that not working again.

    So what do I try now?
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  2. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    Anyone that can help me how to solve this?
    See 1 post up for what I've done so far.
  3. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    check your Android/MINIX settings and make sure they are set correctly.
  4. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    Here: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/a...s-with-dolby-digital.17024/page-2#post-137803 I've written everything that I have done so far. I followed all steps as posted by wrxtasy. And it works, but only for a while. I change nothing in my settings, everything stays the same as before. And still something changes from one moment to another.

    I don't think it is important, but to be sure, this is my setup:

    Minix Neo U9-H, firmware 005, Kodi 17.3 < Inakustik HDMI 2.x (High speed with ethernet) > Marantz SR7011 < Inakustik HDMI 2.x (High speed with ethernet) > LG Oled 55C7V

    Media streams from my Synology DS413, all cables are UTP full copper Cat 5e or Cat 6

    I have no audio issues when watching live tv or the Netflix app both from my LG tv
    I have no audio issues when watching media from my PS4pro
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  5. Runge

    Runge Member

    Any news or a fix on this issue?

    Those audio dropouts are really starting to annoy me...
  6. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    what are your settings as well as internet speed if you are streaming?
  7. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    At the moment, my audio stays the way I want. No longer are movies completely without audio, or, when disabling passthrough, only in stereo.

    Apperently after closing Kodi the right way (not directly killing the app in Android, but closing it via the button in the app) for 2 times after eachother, the audio settings stay saved.
    I now have stereo, dolby digital, dts hdma, etc.
    After closing Kodi, I can kill the app in Android. After starting again, all audio settings remain good.

    Sometimes the close button makes the app freeze. If I kill the app in Android, Kodi is closed and after re-opening Kodi, everything still works.

    So for audio passthrough to work properly do this:

    (1) Do factory reset of your Minix
    (2) Clear Android cache on your Minix (see quote below)
    (3) uninstall Kodi 17.1 completely
    (4) install a fresh Kodi 17.3
    (5) setup passthrough in Kodi (see quotes below)
    (6) close and restart Kodi 1 or 2 times via the button in the app (not directly killing the proces in Android)
    (7) Kodi has now saved all your settings

    You are ready to enjoy your movies. :)

  8. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    Yes this non saving of Kodi settings is a know problem for some setups, basically Krypton needs longer to save settings before quitting.
    @kszaq over in LibreELEC land fixed this for LE only (click).

    What definitely does save Krypton default Skin - settings for any Android Kodi is changing to another Krypton Skin and the back to Estuary.
  9. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    So instead of closing the app, just switch skins from Estuary to another one, back to Estuary again?

    By the way, good that you wrote "click" after that link. Otherwise I never would have suspected it was clickable.
  10. Jorgen125

    Jorgen125 New Member

    Strange thing: passthrouhg now works, but I get micro dropouts. Less than a second my audio is gone, or at least it seems that way. All other passthrough still works flawlessly.
    Any ideas?
  11. Runge

    Runge Member

    My audio settings:

    Number of channels: 2.0
    Output config: Best Match (used be Optimized, but makes no difference)
    Resample quality: High (used be Medium, but makes no difference)
    Keep audio device alive: 5 minutes

    Allow passthrough: Yes
    Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver: Yes
    - Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding: No
    Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3 capable receiver: Yes
    DTS capable receiver: Yes
    TrueHD capable receiver: Yes
    DTS-HD capable receiver: Yes

    Enable Audio DSP processing: No


    Passthrough works like a charm with Dolby Digital+, DTS, TrueHD, DTS-HD, even PCM Multichannel, it's just regular Dolby Digital 5.1 that has these short audio dropouts where I also notice that my receiver looses the signal for that brief moment (Dolby Digital label on receiver disappears and re-appears).

    Dolby Digital 5.1 works fine if I play something from my tv's internal video player, Netflix or HBO app, so it shouldn't be my receiver messing anything up. It's just Kodi 17.3 after update to FW005.


    I have a 80/40 mbit connection but I don't stream any tv series or movies. I have my tv and movie files on a Synology NAS connected to my Gbit (wired) network where the Minix is also connected.
  12. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member

    I have same audio drop outs in Minix U9-H, firmware 006.
    I have done all the same steps. Settings. Resetting, uninstalling and reinstalling. All sound using passthru gets 1 second drop out every 1 minute.
    Will this be fixed or should I return my Minix for not working?

    Edit (more info):
    Kodi 17.4 tested passthru with hdmi & spdif
    last try was to copy video to usb and direct connect. same result in audio drops
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  13. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

  14. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member

    I changed some more settings and it maybe working. oooh hope I dont jinx it now... :)

    I didn't have any 'Adjust display refresh rate' but the 'delay after change of refresh rate' was default 2.5 sec
    So I changed 'delay after change of refresh rate' to Off
    and I left 'Adjust display refresh rate' to Off
    but marked/activated 'Sync playback to display'
    And it seems to be working.
    I also changed in android settings HDMI-CEC to off. dont know if that had any effect

    will do some more playback testing but for now it seems promising

    Update: did not work. Audio drop out still exist
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  15. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    That breaks All Audio passthrough, because Audio is resampled to match the frame rate of the source video, you then end up outputting PCM Audio.
  16. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member

    Well it stills sends out sound that my receiver detects and decodes as Dolby D.
    So passthru must work
    But the audio drop problem still exists. All changes I made didn't solve it.
  17. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member

    I did something else that changed things
    I disabled the hardware decoding in
    settings > player > video
    i unchecked 'Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec (surface)' and 'Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec'

    Now the video playback is little choppy but watchable (somewhat) and now the audio drops are very few.
    Instead of every minute it takes about 4-6 minutes
    Well this is not a solution but perhaps something that can locate the problem
  18. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member

    i reinstalled the firmware. clean install of 006
    and then installed kodi 17.4
    All I changed was settings > audio > digital sounds > spdif
    And in Kodi 17.4 changed to passthru. marked everything
    Exactly the same problem. every minute audio drops

    Then I got back to kodi and got into Audio and reset to default.
    Marked passthru and no audio drops.
    Got back into Audio and marked all options in passthru. No audio drops.

    Happy but confused.
    Shut the Minix down and restarted
    Still no audio drops. Hope its ok but all this to get it working?
    something is wrong someware. wonder if resetting in Audio clears the problem?
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017