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Amazon Prime Video app - picture quality?

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by Cyberman, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Cyberman

    Cyberman Member

    Posting this in the general apps section because I'm not sure what the quality of the picture from this app is supposed to be like as I've never used it on Android before. Watching a series (Goliath) last night and while the picture was OK during daylight scenes some of the scenes at night or in a dark room were terrible. Not only did the definition seem to be poor, the areas closer to black were very patchy with a lot of distortion and picture noise. The PQ was terrible really. I compared the scenes which I Airplayed to an Apple TV and even using that the PQ seemed better. Hard to say 100%, different TV in different room (yes I know it'll affect results some but I'm up to the eyes with unplugging boxes, switching rooms, trying again - I'm more in the realms of some devices maybe living on borrowed time now!!!!). The picture overall was just less painful to watch. So I might have an app issue, a device issue, or a combination. Or maybe there's no issue, just the way it's meant to be, I seriously hope not though!! Anyways, guessing this is down to any one (or a combination of things):

    1) The quality of the upload and / or stream from Amazon is poor, but it looks better via Airplay than it does with the Play Store app (and I have stream quality set to 'Best' in that app).

    2) The design and quality of picture that is being delivered by the Android Play Store app (maybe it's intended for mobile phones only and can't handle the higher TV resolution.

    3) The known and reportedly fixed (as of the yet to be released FW004) colourspace issue with the Neo U9.

    4) Or maybe it's just me. Seems to be a favoured way for some to 'write off' problems that users encounter. Easier, that's for sure.

    I'm really hoping it's 3 as this kind of PQ every time theres a dark scene would be totally unacceptable to me. I'd rather go back to the Apple TV and Airplay and put up with the frustration of having to use two devices to watch Prime rather than put up with such a dire PQ. That, or buy an Nvidia Shield. Indeed I plan to check the Shield forums and post there as to whether this is an issue on the firmware baked in Amazon app on that device.





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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    OK, let me say it! :)
    It' OK for me!!! (y)

    But seriously, presently I do not have an account to test the app on the U9-H, but i have used the app on the U1 and it was certainly very good!
    As for the Shield I have never tried the app on it. Never thought to when I had the chance! :(

    As for the U9-H brightness issue, you should see an improvement having played something at least once!
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  3. Cyberman

    Cyberman Member


    Actually the pictures make it look better than it was. But given that I've done nothing to the settings and it's just the default app I can't think why it would be fine for anyone else.

    I'm really hoping that this is the colour space issue that's causing this. Wouldn't be a showstopper yet as Prime is so crap on content I'll be pulling the plug next month. If it improves however I'd prefer an app / device that can play it ok. FW004 will be out soon I guess so I'll give it a try

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  4. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

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  5. Cyberman

    Cyberman Member

    Aaaarrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    @WeK05 Thanks a lot!! Never thought to check there!!! That explains it. No wonder the picture was so sucks!!! Damn!!!! I'm terminating Prime next month for a while, at least until they up their catalogue. Ridiculous thing is I have a Fire TV that CAN play their content in HD but they haven't updated their devices to run their international service. You'd think rolling it out to 200+ other countries it would be a good idea to do so, might even sell more Fires as a result. But no, let's not. I'm largely in 'f##k you!!' mode with Amazon because of this, another reason I'm cancelling the subscription (having binge watched all I want to on the free trial and half price offer for 2 months).

    So, that's not such good news for me. Might have to look at an Nvidia Shield and move the U9 to the bedroom :(
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I don't understand as the PQ for me with Amazon Prime Video on the U1 was very good!

    My Shield gets very little use!!!
  7. Cyberman

    Cyberman Member

    It might be very good, but it was SD:

    "We recommend using the Amazon Video app for Android phones and tablets. For installation instructions, open our Get Amazon Video for Android page directly on your Android device.

    • Streaming Video Quality: HDR & HD on Samsung Galaxy Note 7; SD on all other Android devices
    • Download Videos: Yes
    • Purchase Videos: Yes
    • Parental Controls: Yes
    • Subtitles : Yes
    • Watchlist: Yes
    • Auto Play: Yes (Next Up and Recommended titles)
    • 5.1 Audio: No
    • Live Streaming (Amazon Channels): No
    Note: On Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, the latest version of the Amazon Video app supports HDR and HD video playback. We recommend a connection speed of at least 3 Mbps for smooth playback."

    The picture quality is OK mostly PROVIDED it doesn't involve overly dark scenes. Then it drops to atrocious TBH.

    I'd rather not go the Shield route. I'm not interested in gaming and it brings nothing else to the party for me except:

    HD Amazon Prime Video (albeit that's going on hold soon)

    Netflix HD (but at the moment I have the HD apk working fine and without the log-in errors (that said I haven't tried it today!!). Just tried it and the problem is back!!! The selected video starts to play. It then stops and I get the "Sorry we could not reach Netflix". Clearing Data doesn't sort it, neither does a restart. Starting to get the feeling I've had enough of this!!!!

    BUT, while it might not bring much to the party, it might just play the services I need in HD and without continual bloody problems!!!