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Android 5.0 or Cyanogen for NEO X8-H?

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by alexandrev, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    Can any of you guys name any single Android smart device brand/manufacturer that is keeping constant OS upgrades from one release to another? And I am not speaking only about these media boxes, which are still a niche market.

    Look around a bit in the whole market for any consumer device, either being TV sets, smart phones, tablets, Hi-Fi etc. The industry trend in the last few decades is to build/maintain/sell devices with a life span of max 1.5-2 years, at a "reasonable" consumer price.
    Look at Google, as one simple example: they started with Google TV few years ago, ended up as a discontinued environment. Moved with their Google Nexus hokey-puck and Android TV OS in 2014, discontinued this spring. Android TV OS: how many devices have you seen with this OS? Few TV brands and couple of media player brands (1 or 2?).

    Why is that? One of the reasons may be that each device manufacturer is dependent also on the chip-set manufacturers; if these guys are offering proper SW/SDK OS support, then the device manufacturer may be able also to build a new firmware around it.

    There maybe exceptions, like Nvidia, which is moving to a "standard" Android OS, announcing recently Android M for their Shield (and possibly for their tablet). But this device has it's own "reasonable" price...:) and for how long they are going to have another Android upgrade? Personally, I believe till they will launch a new product.

    Even Cyanogen company entered into restructuring in the last few weeks and those guys were/are doing a tremendous job with their Android spin-off.

    So, @glockman4519 or other guys around, this is the industry and the market...it's "up to us" to find the "best" device for our needs... at a certain moment in time...;)
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  2. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    Well "trusted Helper adi_tca" it's great that you would start a new thread just to beat up in me, I really don't mind at all, but get your facts right. There are many devices manufactures that do exactly what you claim that they don't do and that would be to update there products.
    We are not or were not asking for a life time commitment but a reasonable amountt of support. Google Nexus, Nvidia, and Motorola are just a few manufactures that do and in the small work of TV boxes, Tronsmart come to mind and I had one of them too, so I can attest to the updates.
    Again, no one supports their devices forever and no one expects that.
    I am not going to get into a lengthy debate. But Again, I am honored that you would start a thread to try and belittle me.
    Bottom line is, I purchased a product and support is no longer there, so I'm moving on to another device.
    Why would I purchase another Minix and get burned again with no support. I will spin the wheel again and move on.
    You may continue to bash...lol... I will not be responding.
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    May we have permission to remove your account then? (Actually, we don't need permission, but I thought it polite to ask!)
  4. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    Yes. You may. Than you.
  5. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    In fairness I need to point out that @adi_tca didn't start a new thread as you allege. He posted in a thread in which you have already posted a few times.
    Like any other member, whether they are a trusted helper, a new member (or even a yellow dude), he has as much right to reply to your posts either in agreement or disagreement.
    As long as the posts aren't using foul language, personal insults or otherwise offensive then its a discussion in which everyone is free to put their points across
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  6. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    That was my mistake and I do see that now. And I was not being disrespectful to anyone. That is not how I do things weather it is a forum or in life on a day to day basis.
    I only voiced an opinion. I wasn't trying to make anyone mad, however it seems that it did.
    I only quoted the name to show who I was answering to as is done in a lot of posts. I have enjoyed this forum for a long time and you can see by my other posts that I have kept to a professional level on all other posts as well.
    But if you feel the need to close down my account, that is your prerogative and you definitely have that power. You still have my blessing to do so if you feel that is the best coarse.
    Thank you again for letting me participate in the forum for as long as I have.
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I don't see any reason for you account to be removed! I just thought you were probably never coming back so suggested it, and you replied...
    ... if you want your account to remain then you only have to say so!
  8. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    I don't usually leave forums, even if my device is gone because if I am asked a question by or one cones up, these forums are a great wealth of combined knowledge. So that want my intent. The way it was presented to me looked like I was no longer wanted in this forum.
    I don't want to or want intending on making any waves. That is not how I do things. Ever. I don't wasn't to leave the forum on my own. If this forum doesn't want me here though, I will go.
    Thank you again
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  9. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    Well, by no means was my intention to "beat" you, or impose you something. It happens to have a bit better view in the industry (or maybe not...?) and I was thinking loudly, sharing my thoughts.

    I guess I can express myslef the same way you can do it. This is the meaning of an open discussion, we can agree, disagree, share info in a respectfull way.... but bashing....hmmm... really? Sorry then..

    Good luck with any decision you may take.
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  10. OffTheChains

    OffTheChains New Member

    after reading this thread and many others you guys (staff) have trashed the minix name.
    after using a friends amazon fire stick last week my 200 dollar minix box sucks!
    i regret not buying a amazon fire stick for 40 bucks!

    problem i see is my minix has better hardware, newer, cost more, then and now but still being out performed in many many ways by a lesser quality device.
    go figure?

    and your suggestion is for consumers to buy a new updated box? are you kiding?
    Minix development has tarnished a name to what was once first in its class to the android tv market.
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  11. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Why would (staff) trash the Minix name haven't read that on this forum think your wrong there
  12. OffTheChains

    OffTheChains New Member

    No development or support it took 4 months on this thread alone for a simple comment of someone to say your out of luck buy one of our new products on the original post.

    No support is equal to trashing a name that was once great!
  13. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    I to have a close friend with an Amazon Fire (the big brother) and have watched many things at his place. Other than watching Netflix in HD (which is no fault of Minix) i don't really see why you would say your Minix sucks ! . His buffered as does my Minix's devices from time to time, some streams don't work from time to time, usually no fault of your hardware . When you mention cost, I don't think its fair to compare a Fire Stick to your Minix. Is the Minix over priced ? maybe maybe not , personally I don't think so.....you get what you pay for ! A compact Toyota will get from point A to point B. as will a top of the line Benz that is fully loaded but they should not be compared :) You say out performed, in what way ??
  14. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    No support!! you must be joking right....just because things don't happen when you want them to or you don't get the result you would like doesn't mean no support ....
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  15. Ob1chewy

    Ob1chewy New Member

  16. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    Thank you for sharing. This is great.
  17. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Official Android 5 may come to the X8, X8 Plus & X8-H