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Android 5.1 Support for NEO X8-H Plus

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus' started by Maneesh, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. Maneesh

    Maneesh New Member

    Dear All,

    I have seen many request for update on Android 5.1 support. Recently i installed Kodi 17 on my laptop and the Kodi estuary skin is amazing and much faster. I tried to get Estuary for Kodi 16 but seems to be buggy with frequent exit while working. Can somebody advise how can i get Android 5.1 installed on minix x8h plus.

    I am alright with no supprt for Android 5.1 on minix.. but likes to try it as my minix is mainly used for watching movies and i would like to have latest kodi installed on it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. t0ne

    t0ne New Member

    Currently, I'm having issues with Kodi 16 on my minix. In particular with the magnetic torrent manager (for watching through quasar). The new version of this addon is based on Kodi 17, then on Kodi 16 is not working fine, so I had to downgrade the version of the addon, but I don't know until when this hotfix will work.

    It would be very interesting and useful to know if this android version (5.1) for the Minix will be available soon...

    Thank you very much for your work.

  3. triks

    triks Member

    Having 4 Minix X8-H devices, I will be devastated if Minix do not release an Android 5.1 update enabling Kodi v17 to run. Worse case I will have to find my old Media Centre PC and Install Kodi v17 on that but it would definitely p### me off enough to never to buy or recommend Minix again :( Fingers crossed.
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  4. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    i love these kind of threads haha.
    x8-h plus is already 25 months old.... so .. get a newer box!
    smart phones are released every couple of months, u can expect manufactures to carry on supporting older devices yah!?! :)

    see, i'm on Minix's side this time round.. lmao!
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  5. Maneesh

    Maneesh New Member

    There are still many sites which list Minx NEO X8 plus as the best Kodi box. Appreciate MINIX does not discourage them by not providing support for Kodi 17.
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  6. gsaronni

    gsaronni New Member


    I am having the issues with Kodi and the latest Quasar. What version of Quasar are you using?
  7. triks

    triks Member

    Setopboxer, I'd like to agree with you in regards to using legacy hardware but really.... Even Apple's iOS is compatible with 5yo devices and you are trying to say that my Minix X8-H Plus purchased new from an official Minix reseller in April 2015 is too old to get an update? If that's the case, I'm concerned! Also if your suggesting updating all my devices on a annual basis than I'm also concerned about your ignorance of the actual cost of one of these devices for those of us located outside of the U.S./China.
  8. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    dun get all worked up, its the new year hey! cheer up!
    dun get me wrong, i am in the same shoes as you are.
    i'd love to get lollipop on this device as much as u.
    and many of us know that this device is capable of that..

    if u look a little around, there has been said of a last update coming to this device.
    suposingly to be the 5.1 drop. lets just hope that be it.

    oh and well, in my last reply...
    my last line should sound sacarstic no ?
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  9. triks

    triks Member

    Nothing worse than investing and recommending a product which has no upgrade path - your post was certainly indicative of a upgrade of hardware rather than 5.1 ;)

    Happy new year
  10. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    then my point of trying to be sarcastic failed
  11. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    Disclaimer: I am not a developer nor a support person so please do not post after this asking questions. And of course I will not be held responsible for anything you decide to do with your Minix X8-H Plus box, this is merely the way that I got Lollipop 5.1.1 running on my box.

    Hello Maneesh, here is a method to get Lollipop 5.1.1 on the X8-H Plus but it is not for the feint hearted as this involves flashing which loses all your data and settings, losing the warranty, possible soft bricks, not all remote control buttons working, the earphone jack not working etc etc......ie as you highlighted, there is no support so do so at your own risk. I too only use this ROM for watching video HDMI to TV so should be ok for you too, don't expect too much ok, no support remember.

    First things first, download the Minix Neo X8-H PLUS ROM:
    This has saved me from quite a few bricks when testing different ROMs and when the box cannot be recovered via USB Burning Tool or recovery. You will need an SD card 1gb minimum.

    Now to make the remote control work you will need remote.conf, this you will find in the stock ROM above that you have downloaded, follow this path to find it:
    Minix_x8hplus_stock.zip\system\etc, once you have Lollipop up and running you will need to replace the system remote.conf through a file explorer with the remote.conf from the Minix stock ROM, reboot after doing so and the remote will be functional again minus the "All Apps" button and "Recent Apps" button. You will need a USB mouse or the A2 mouse to do this.

    Download and install USB Burning Tool on your PC. As a side note, connect your box at least once when powered on and running to ensure the drivers have loaded and your box is recognised on the PC, you don't need to have USB Burning Tool running for this.

    Right, now the fun part. I use a ROM from the MXIII-G, this one seems more stable than all the others I have tried, download the MXIII-G_108L1 ROM here:
    Follow the instructions on this Minix forum to flash via USB Burning Tool. I additionally select the option "Reset after success" in the USB Burning Tool. It takes about 5 minutes to flash, once you see the "Google TV" screen unplug the USB cable from the box. Leave it now to initialise, it can take some time but if it stays on the "Google TV" screen for more than 10 mins then flash again. I will say it again, this is not for the feint hearted so be prepared to spend a few hours just getting the box to boot into Android, when you see the "Google TV" screen change to the boot animation "ANDROID" then all has gone well, once into android leave it to initialse and install system apps before playing around.

    Good luck and I hope it works for you too.

    Direct link for the MXIII-G_108L1 ROM:

    Direct link for the stock ROM:
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
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  12. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member


    Right after this hoohaa, there is a new OTA update on my box..

    Kot49h.20161222 release key
    Dated 2016-12-22

    Who's jumping in first?
    Stated just a minor bug fix lmao

    So no more latest Kodi for this!!
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  13. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    From Kodi official
    Don’t worry you can keep using Kodi v16 on all previous Android versions
  14. t0ne

    t0ne New Member

    Hi, I'm working fine with Quasar v 0.9.42 and Magnetic Torrent v0.9.55, for the moment.

  15. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    Yes of course, anyone can continue to use a Nokia 8210 to make calls...

    The point here is newer, improved versions. No?
  16. Damon Peterson

    Damon Peterson New Member

    This thread will probably be closed soon. The question has been asked and at one time there was a talk that it would come to the X8-Plus but not the others. I have to 2 of these devices so it would be great if it did.

    People including the mods here get really upset when someone asks about it. The answer is always that the hardware is old... get a new box... with most of the consumers not having the box over a year...

    I'll say this in short. I used to work for a very very large game developer. Won't say the name.. Anyway companies realized that the games and companies who make often were the ones that provided the best post-release support. Consumers may buy it once but repeat business doesn't happen unless there is a good experience post purchase. My point here is that most people that come here did some research and bought this device based off ratings and power. I'm sure no one here paid the extra money over the other devices thinking that it would be a paperweight after Kodi 16.... I know that you can continue to run that but most people are going to want the latest and greatest.
  17. Maneesh

    Maneesh New Member

    Thanks Marty for this. I will give it a try and let you know. Just wanted to confirm. I have a wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard attached to the Minix. Hope this works after the finless update. I am not a big fan of A2 remote and i have mouse.xml added to the keymap directory which takes care of most of my video playing requirement with mouse.
  18. Bennett83

    Bennett83 Active Member

    It still has 2014 hardware though,so what will Kodi 17 offer you that 16 doesn't?
    I was one of the first to be disappointed at the news of no lollipop back in 2015 but I now completely understand. Apart from playing 4k hevc 10bit(was never advertised to do) then my 2 yr old x8hplus still does the job and is as good as new. In that time I've had several other boxes that have died or just don't do what they're advertised.
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  19. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    You are welcome Maneesh but it is probably worth waiting until you have booted into Lollipop before saying thanks :) I cannot answer whether or not your mouse or keyboard will work but I do not see why it wouldn't. Just to clarify, the Finless ROM is for emergency use when you cannot get anything to boot on your box via recovery or USB Burning Tool, MXIII-G_108L1 is the ROM you want to flash for Lollipop.

    To the rest of you, Maneesh asked for a way to put an unofficial Lollipop ROM on the X8-H Plus, I do not see any posts that have been supportive of this, can we try stick to the concept of forums being here to help others and not a place to get on your high horse and vent, thank you.
  20. Damon Peterson

    Damon Peterson New Member

    And 5.1 released Feb of 2015.... the other Lolipop releases well before that. So requesting one update doesn't seem like a whole lot. It's not like Lollipop just released and we are asking for 2 yr old stuff to run brand new software.

    I honestly have no idea what Kodi 17 will offer. I've read a few things that sound interesting. Point being most of us that are messing with this stuff on our own are of course going to want to mess with the latest stuff.
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