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Android 5 Lollipop for Minix 8-H

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by jacketti, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. jacketti

    jacketti New Member

    For the Firmware Wishlist I would like to add Android 5 Lollipop for our devices
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  2. vfc

    vfc Active Member

    I think that this is too premature as this Os is still having some bugs.
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  3. jacketti

    jacketti New Member

    there are 2 ways to view this, you can start with the minix layer over android 4.4 and try to introduce a new android there. But better yet, get android 5.0 running on the minix and then add the specified minix additions.
  4. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Lolipop is not mature enough for a stable tvbox experiance. It will take some time ti polish lolipop before it is usable.
  5. Athos

    Athos New Member

    Good feature
  6. dedoz

    dedoz New Member

    Google announced Android M already, what makes you guys think that Android L is not mature enough?
  7. Ravendark

    Ravendark Member

    Uhm... facts? Lollipop is quite buggy
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  8. pantos27

    pantos27 New Member

    Android 5 and up are using ART instead of the old dalvik engine.
    This fact alone should greatly improve performance and reduce lag.

    Now that Minix U1 devices use Lollipop you can't claim it's not stable anymore.
  9. alexandrev

    alexandrev New Member

    +1 (once again..)
  10. dedoz

    dedoz New Member

    To be honest, porting a new major release is a big task for Minix, x8(h) is an older box for them now, it doesnt worth it to get lollipop on it. One other reason might be that they dont have enough resources. Either way it is not gonna happen :(
  11. alexandrev

    alexandrev New Member

    I don't understand these points as a company. If you don't treat well your users and your community, you are not going to have any customers. I don't think should be a big problem porting the Lollipop after doing the same job in the U1. But, I don't have any hope that we are going to see any upgrade or at least not via the official channel..
  12. Royusmc

    Royusmc New Member

    I have been waiting for 5.0 support. And your right maybe minix don't care to release better firmware for there slightly older models. But if you have a usb remote as the remote that comes with the minix box will not work with this new firmware. You could try to use the probox2 + plus firmware. The firmware I used voided the warranty but it is called PROBOX2-EX-PLUS_20151125.img . It does take a little longer to boot and the remote does not work, but I bought mine with a usb remote that works great. Now before you install the new firmware download the minix firmware just incase you want to go back. Please do this at your own risk, it worked for me. I have a minix neo x8 h plus, which is the same as the probox2 + plus. Good luck.
    Now for minix admin please release a version of this firmware with remote support so I can go back to minix software. Yes I did try the minix u1 firmware hopping for the best but I got an error when I got to ddr part of the install. Thanks hope this helps some one.

    PS try googling PROBOX2-EX-PLUS_20151125.zip
    you will also need PROBOX2-EX-upgrade-tool.zip
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2016
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  13. Skorm92

    Skorm92 New Member

    @Royusmc - How did you manage to flash this rom? I keep getting errors in either USB Burning Tool or in Recovery :(
  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You have a different device! ;)
  15. Royusmc

    Royusmc New Member

    look for the latest usb Burning tool. The first versions I tried did not work. My version is v2.0.6.2_build2. If this does not work please let me know. Good luck
  16. Bogdan

    Bogdan New Member

    Thx for this tip
    Worked for me to, a little buggy and some problems with the minix air mose but it seem more responsive and fluent then before

    Hope the Minix team releases an update with Lollipop for X8H-plus soon.
  17. Bogdan

    Bogdan New Member

    Hi, do you use A2 lite remote ore do you have another?
    I'm having problems with my a2, the power button does not work and the app switcher button does not work for me :(
    I have put the A2 .kl file in the keymap folder but still the same:(
  18. Eilon Shimko

    Eilon Shimko New Member

    Is lollipop = android tv, or these are two different paths as far as development is concerned?
    It is such a shame I can not enjoy android tv apps, native Google cast and a genuine tv experience on my minix neo x8-h...
  19. iamsamsamiam

    iamsamsamiam New Member

    I tried to flash the box a few times and haven't had any luck. It looks like the flash finishes correctly but when I try to boot it gets stuck on a Probox2 white splash screen. Any tips appreciated.
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  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You haven't actually said which device you are trying to flash and with which firmware!
    I guess you are trying to flash an X8-H with a custom firmware (Probox2 firmware).
    Is that correct?