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Android 5 Lollipop for Minix 8-H

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by jacketti, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. iamsamsamiam

    iamsamsamiam New Member

    I'm trying to flash an x8-h plus with the Probox2 X+ firmware. Royusmc said he used an x8-h plus so I tried it on my device and I'm getting stuck on boot. I tried flashing with my windows 10 and windows 7 machines. I can still get back to stock firmware but I really want to try this firmware. I just want a better future proof solution for the loss of kodi support in kitkat. My tronsmart box is already on lollipop and it has the ability to get a more updated version of kodi. I run an MySQL server on my NAS for all my media shares so it's necessary to keep all my kodi clients on the same version.
  2. Essam

    Essam Member

    I flashed the PROBOX2 EX+ (Android 5.1.1) on my Minix x8-H Plus; it works fine; still have to test the performance in comparison to to Minix firmware.
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  3. Kollektiv01

    Kollektiv01 Member

    Nice (y)

    Can you use Netflix and Amazon Instant Video HD Streams with this Firmware?

    King regards

  4. Essam

    Essam Member

    No I didn't since I am mainly interested in Kodi.
    I might test it for you but it is not my first priority.
  5. iamsamsamiam

    iamsamsamiam New Member

    How did you flash it? I tried the newest and older versions of the flashtool and I have been getting bootloops. It just hangs on the splash screen and the power indicator light goes off.
  6. Essam

    Essam Member

    I used the USB burning utility 2.0.6 build 2
    Latest assessment: I cannot set the sound setting to HDMI, it resets back to PCM; so I get no sound currently!
    Any advice? Any one?
  7. Essam

    Essam Member

    I did the same. However, I get no audio from the HDMI. Whenever I try to set the Digital Sound to HDMI, it resets back to PCM. KODI plays video very well, but as I said, no sound!
    Interestingly, system sounds, e.g. Volume Up/Down can be heard.
    Any idea?
  8. Avivnet

    Avivnet New Member

    Tried as well on my Minix X8-h Plus with this "PROBOX2-EX-PLUS_20151125.zip" firmware, the upgrade was successful.
    When I pluged it to the TV and powered it on it show the PROBOX2 logo with white screen and nothing happens.. I waited about 15 minutes and nothing happened.. any idea ?
  9. Essam

    Essam Member

    The HDMI Audio problem is solved!

    I figured out, it was KODI not the device OS. I set KODI Audio to any thing more than 2 channels (2.1) and allowed Stereo up-mixing. Now, the audio is sent from KODI to my TV through HDMI and works perfectly.

    So, it seems that PROBOX2 EX+ firmware is functioning well on Minix x8-H Plus.

    Three things are, however, still not working:
    - Headphone Audio
    - Display zoom resets to 100% on device Off/On
    - some functions of the Air Remote over the USB-dongle but is very useable

    But my experience is quite positive as far as Android 5.1.1 and KODI are concerned.
    I wished Minix would make a proper version for this capable device.
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  10. Essam

    Essam Member

    Try to power cycle the device; just pull the power, put it back and switch the device on.
  11. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    OK, so your main priority is for KODI...what advantages are you getting with kodi lollipop that you don't get with Kodi on kit kat ?
    you say "i wish minix would make a proper version"....what is wrong with the current version that is corrected with lolipop ?
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  12. Essam

    Essam Member

    The short answer is KODI 17 and future releases.
    The Longer one is, curiosity! KODI was only the ignitor. I am running KODI 17 nightly build on Apple TV4 and it performs very well, so I was curious how it would work on the better HW of Minix but I was not able to install it because of KitKat. So, there was nothing "wrong" with KODI 16 on Minix KitKat and there was nothing wrong with KODI 12 on ASUSTOR and nothing wrong KODI (?) on BoxeeBox, etc., but that is how development work; one is "happy", for some time, with a certain state of development then becomes "unhappy" because it could get better here and there and starts digging for more and so on; KODI is only an example.

    As for Minix x8-H Plus; I bought it six months ago for around 170USD in Europe (so it was not cheap) after a thorough comparison and was not disappointed. Now, you can get Minix U1, a comparable box, for less (again that is where the technological development goes, no complaint). Minix runs Lollipop on on U1 but not on the x8-H Plus which might make sense to Minix but not for the end user and the argument cannot just be a "whats wrong"! Right is that they make their customer happy or it can can wrong for them; listen to them instead of arguing for not to update by "making a product better", well a part of it is to update the OS which is a major one in this case of KitKat and Lollipop and I, for one, would prefer a more progressive attitude from Minix here. BTW, the device feels noticeably "snappier" and "smoother" (although I don't like these qualitative terms) under Lollipop.
    I might revert to the original FW but currently I do not feel like doing so (experimentation is fun too and I do not badly need the x8 since I have the ATV).
  13. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    i'm not anti your points but what does kodi 17+ offer that you cant currently do with current releases of kodi/spmc/minix xbmc that will benefit the vast majority of users who in all likelihood use their minix primarily as a media centre running some flavour of kodi..

    and of course i agree that experimentation is fun for those "brave" enough to venture from the norm :)
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  14. Essam

    Essam Member

    I don't know yet; this is why I want to check it :)
  15. Essam

    Essam Member

    an additional advice ... in the USB Burning tool; check all the thirds box (reset after success; or similar)
  16. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Just a warning: crossflashing firmware carries the risk of damaging/deleting the HDCP key. If for some reason it gets deleted, you might as well throw your X8-H Plus into trash can.
  17. Essam

    Essam Member

    Can you please explain how this can happen and what it has to do with "cross flashing", i.e. using a custom FW? If it can happen, why can't it happen too when flashing the original (native) FW?

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  18. Essam

    Essam Member

    Anybody tried Wetek core firmware on Minix x8-h plus?
  19. Essam

    Essam Member

    Can you please run AnTuTu Benchmark 6 with the Probox2 FW? Do you have Audio on the headphone jack?

  20. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    Extract from 'Kodi v17 "Krypton Alpha 2" on Kodi official site'

    Android 5.0 Lollipop (or later) as minimum
    Over the years the Android platform started to mature and catch up to the other platforms regarding capabilities. This also means that we can drop all the custom code we had to add in the beginning to get Kodi running at all as that’s now becoming obsolete. One of those from back in the days was libStageFright which we dropped in a previous release and was replaced by the standard MediaCodec from Android. With v17 we have started to clean up all the old implementations which sadly also means we had to set the minimum Android version to at least 5.0 Lollipop. It’s uncertain at this time if we even hove to go higher and set minimum to Android 6.0 Marshmallow as this contains certain features we need to improve Kodi. For now you are safe if you at least have Android 5.0 Don’t worry you can keep using Kodi v16 on all previous Android versions however you just can upgrade to a newer Kodi version.

    Will Minix upgrade Minix X8h plus OS to 5.0 or preferably 6.0, or will we get left behind?