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Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Lior Mishal, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Huey

    Huey New Member

    I'd like to see Minix hold back on moving to Lollipop and/or MarshMallow. There's nothing in KitKat that's broken except it was the start of the Apple-esque descent into giving too much control to the machine and taking away too much from the customer. There's certainly nothing broken in it that Lollipop or MM fixes. In fact, if it was possible to go back a step to Jelly Bean and not lose necessary security features I would see that as a progressive move. Lightening the load on the box by quite a bit but keeping all its functionality and giving the user back a large degree of control without having to root their boxes sounds much better to me than the plague of bloatedness and the nightmare permission headaches Lollipop continued to bring to the fore and which MM has made even worse.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus back on Android 4.3 after I took it up to 5.1.1 on Euphoria OS (quite minimalistic for a LP ROM) and there's not a damned thing it can't do now it's back where it began that it could do when it was taken as far forward as Android had developed at the time. In fact it can do more and it does it faster and there's no issues with restrictive permissions holding it back. I can't sync a ridiculous looking rubber wrist band with it and see in glorious digital clock style digits what rate my heart is beating but I didn't buy a media server to monitor my health. Keep adding new features if they add to the user experience - maybe launch 4Gb RAM boxes in the future if required - and obviously keep security up to date but moving to Lollipop just for the sake of saying you have an edition 5 Android rather than a 4 is pointless. There will come a time when KitKat is deprecated but it's a long way off. Most apps in the Store run on Android 2.x and upwards so only the first OS Android released is extinct after what, more than 10 years?
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  2. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    Kodi Krypton (y)
  3. MrBig

    MrBig Member

    I feel it's always a plus when the manufacturer does not abandon their product and tries to keep it up with the times.
    With that said, it would be a plus in Minix's credibility to update the firmware and OS every chance they get. This will insure I and others will continue o purchase your products. When a product goes stale we look for other options. And let's face it, these days there are a lot of choices.
    So it's plus one for me unless the box can't handle it.
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  4. Marm

    Marm Member

    One word: Patience!

    I recently received Android 6.0 on a Samsung tablet and confirmed what I had read in that it is barely noticeable. While there may be significant changes under the hood, I have found it almost invisible with one irritation that I really dislike. So I suggest anyone waiting for it to be patient and I am sure we will get it in time if our harware is reasonably new. I see nothing there to be anxiously waiting for or to get excited about.
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  5. Andrea Borgia

    Andrea Borgia Member

    As already pointed out, this depends on the the SoC manufacturer. Anyhow, given current apps compatibility, I'd say my X7 will be long dead before M is available :D

    Have you tried ZZ_Android? It is incredible what that old phone can still do with a good ROM.
    (please followup on XDA, if interested)
  6. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    There are few manufacturers so commited to keep the box updated as the Minix team is. In my opinion, getting better performance is always better than having the latest Android release version.

    As for Kodi Krypton, should run fine on current FW version, the alpha gives no issues on my FW009 Minix U1.
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  7. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    That's because the Minix U1 is running Lollipop, my Minix X8h+ is currently stuck on KitKat :sick: which is why the X8h+ needs an Android OS upgrade
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  8. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    are you desperate to be able to run Kodi 17 on your x8h+ ?
    if so I'm just curious / interested as to why ?
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  9. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    Why would I not want to run Kodi 17 with all it's improvements on my Minix box?

    Whilst not desperate as I will be able to run Kodi 17 on my other unsupported Lollipop £30 box, my main focus for Kodi 17 is on the performance and music improvements.

    Just as Kodi have stopped Kodi support on Android OSs older than Android 5.x.x, I suspect soon some addon developers will stop support of their addons on the older versions of Kodi. It's a downward spiral of not being able to use new features of newer versions of Kodi and Kodi addons, and not being able to make use of the performance improvements which may mean we can run our Minix boxes for longer getting a better return on our investment.

    I have been surprised after buying a premium cost well 'supported' Minix box that I am stuck on an OS that is nearly three years old with only a slight chance of it being upgraded. I foolishly made the assumption that buying a premium box would get me OS upgrades as all the manufacturers of my other Android devices have provided. I believe I am being realistic in expecting a manufacturer to supply OS upgrades on their device, as a minimum one OS upgrade, preferably two OS upgrades.

    When deciding which box to buy I was swayed by the marketing that Minix boxes are well supported and Minix provide updates. This was my mistake I am where I am, will make best use of my Minix box, but I won't make the same mistake when I have to upgrade.
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  10. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    Fair enough comments and I have some sympathy with you.

    I have been using XBMC / Kodi since V11 or 12 ish and in truth it does much the same now as it did back then. I cant really see that much improvement in overall performance. Maybe i don't use any of the more "newer" features that you might. My main use is online streaming and streaming from PC or NAS using SMB using spdif output for 5.1. Ive always been able to do that since day 1.

    The biggest issue as I see it, as you have mentioned, is if addon developers stop support for older kodi versions. I already have some experience of this as I like to use the Arctic Zephyr skin and its latest version wont work properly now on latest SPMC 16.4.2 running on my x8h+ ( works fine on my U1).

    So yes, I would like to see minix do their best to provide a 5.x.x based firmware to support and maintain their "loyal" userbase or I can see like you that customers may go elsewhere in the future.
  11. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    I have not seen any explanation why Minix restrict their boxes to the OS that's installed when you buy it, or have their own version of XBMC.

    I may be totally incorrect but in the absence of any official explanation I suspect that it is because Minix modify the Android OS with incremental Minix changes which is why we have so many firmware updates and make migration to a later Android OS difficult if not impossible.

    I don't know why Minix have their own customised version of Kodi, again I suspect that they make specific Minix changes to fit in with the Minix specific Android OS on the Minix box.

    I would prefer Minix to make the best hardware possible for a price and make best use of Vanilla Android OSs and Vanilla Kodi, leaving Android OS and Kodi fixes/updates to Google and Kodi, allowing Minix to focus their resources on their product/s.

    The Minix X8h+ is still on sale, so someone buying it now will not be able to make use of the stable Kodi Krypton release due to be released in a few weeks, not a good investment but I suspect any buyers may not aware of this.
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  12. fidodkk

    fidodkk New Member

    Is there any future plans for Android 6 or Android 7 for Neo U1??
  13. Pipes

    Pipes New Member

    Android KitKat is starting to show its age. We need an OS update so that we can install Kodi 17. Nothing new here, just want to support this thread. Are there any plans for and update?

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  14. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Amlogic have not update the S812 SDK since May 2015, it was a Lollipop demo with no technical support. (and it's for S812 only)
    We are not taking risks to update to that build.

    We shall keep maintaining our firmware with Kitkat.

    This is our official reply.

    We don't and can't build the SDK by ourselves, we shall apply anything newer and better as long as we can receive it.

    Please kindly understand how things work.

    Thread locked.
  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    A S8xx demo SDK with no technical support is what we received.
    People just don't understand...
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