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Android TV based on FW008

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Kondor, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Rárison Fortes

    Rárison Fortes New Member

    @Kondor, I installed and prefer this version of Android TV OS on minix u9-h. Are you intent on updating this firmware and fixing the bugs reported?
  2. shablamy

    shablamy Member

    Thanks for this @Kondor

    Is there a way of forcing TrueHD output?

    Seeing as this fw is based in fw8, its not detecting my receivers Atmos capability.

    Really annoying as it makes my receiver absolete...

    TrueHD (Atmos) working fine in LibreElec(thanks @wrxtasy) as a current workaround.

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  3. sweetpapa

    sweetpapa New Member

    Does anybody use Skype on this firmware from @Kondor?
    Could you tell if videocalls are functioning?
    If so, which camera is used? What Skype version is installed? To which USB port camera is connected?
    I really like this firmware, but I've already spent a lot of time trying to make Skype fully functioning on it. I have tried two different Logitech Cxxx cameras (C110 and C510), as they are confirmed by Minix. I have tried up to 8-10 of different Skype versions (Light, Classic, 8th version), different USB ports, all permissions for camera were given to Skype app., etc. But during all attempts Skype was not broadcasting video :( I see my video during the call, people hear my voice, but they do not see my video (only avatar instead).
  4. keanustar

    keanustar Active Member

    Atmos works fine for me using an Onkyo receiver. Take a look in U9's settings and make sure digital sounds output is set via HDMI. This fixed my issue once, when Kodi did not show TrueHD option.
    I like my Minix more now using this custom FW. The only issue for me is that the U9 doesn't enter in stand by completly when I set him to do that nor when I close the TV, with CEC active. The only thing that happens is for the screen to go blank, but the connected external HDD keeps spining. The light also stays blue and not turns green.
  5. Norvarg

    Norvarg New Member

    So I installed the ROM and everything looks ok, except my remote, more specifically the pointer, which is now impossible to control, way to sensitive.
    Anybody knows how to adjust the pointer (if its possible)??
    I have the original Minix remote,
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I guess you mean the airmouse!

    Have you looked at Settings, Advanced Settings, Language & input, Mouse/track pad, Pointer speed.

    I haven't tried this ROM, but I guess the Settings remain the same.
  7. ralph_u9

    ralph_u9 New Member

    anyone can confirm Netflix DD5.1 over SPDIF is working and with which APP?
  8. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Yes, its the same settings menu system
    I am using this ROM and have no problem with airmouse pointer speed (A3)...didnt have to change anything
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  9. Norvarg

    Norvarg New Member

    I can't get HDMI passthrough in Kodi, can someone help me?
    I'm trying to play a MKV file over the network, it has a AAC 5.1 lossy surround audio, I guess this is Dolby Digital?

    How to fix this? I'm using ATV on my U9-H and I'm happy with that :)

    PS: I have followed the advices in Kodi forum (no sync to display and allow passthrough)... But I have no idea what the settings in the Minix should be. What does the alternatives in Dolby Sounds mean (DRC Mode)?? Should it be OFF?
    What should it be in Digital sound?? I have a Dolbt/DTS capable receiver.
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