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Android TV Launcher Compatibility

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by Adam Foreman, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Adam Foreman

    Adam Foreman Member

    I have tried to install the latest Android TV Launcher in the hopes of using it as my main GUI.

    However, it doesnt appear to want to work and won't launch at all.

    Instead of MINIX spending time developing their own MINIX Launcher, I suggest that making all the Models compatible so that the developers can move onto more important OS's development and bug fixing.

    To me, this a very sensible solution.

    The Current Version is listed below.

  2. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator


    Have you seen thoses great launchers here ?

    You need specifics options from ATV ?
  3. Adam Foreman

    Adam Foreman Member

    Don't get me wrong, my main MINIX U1 has NOVA and some of the most beautiful live wallpapers around that look spectacular.

    However, the Box upstairs I'd like a more Android TV launcher specifically for ease of use without the need for an air mouse. It only has YouTube, Kodi, and TV apps like BBC, Channel 4, ITV etc etc. Nothing like the Box downstairs which is more a jack of all trades.

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  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    For BBC and ALL 4 you will still need an airmouse!