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X8-H Any recommended apps (other than KODI/XBMC)

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by pangster, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. pangster

    pangster New Member

    just curious what others are using their X8-H Pluses for and what apps they recommend installing..
  2. Ago

    Ago New Member

    Well rated Android apps is a good way of starting, it's all based on what you want to do.....same like on Android based phone, go Google Play and choose. Nothing beats the pre-installed XBMC, you just need to customize it.
  3. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    Suprised there hasn't been more response to this thread, I think we could move this thread to a general apps section to gain a better understanding on how the range of minix devices are being utilised... probably need a viewpoint from the mods on this..

    As a first pass and to get the ball rolling I'll name a few apps I use at the moment:
    • Nova Launcher from the playstore - much more versatile than the stock minix launcher in my opinion
    • Dolphin Browser from the playstore - seems cleaner and more intuitive than the stock browser
    • Mobdro available at http://www.mobdro.com/ - decent streaming app for tv and sport
    • Showbox available at http://www.showboxdownload.com/2014/08/show-box-for-android.html - ok for movies, although i prefer xbmc and a NAS config
    • Ximonic available on the playstore - great little music streaming app
    • SkyGo for tablet from playstore - need a UK Sky TV account
    • Torrent Stream Controller available at http://www.vidsoftware.ru/ - Streams live TV few premium English channels but maybe more foreign. This app installs acestream and you must configure acestream to write to external memory to prevent damage to internal emmc
    • BT Sport from playstore - BT account required but provides good quality streams of BT Sport 1 & 2 and ESPN UK
    • TuneIn Radio from playstore - provides good quality radio feeds from practically anywhere round the globe
    • HD Cinema apk available at http://homecinema.mobi/ - better than Netflix!
    For those of you with a Synology NAS the suite of DS apps are also available from the playstore

    This is really just a starter, as everyone's needs are different - maybe this list will inspire others to let the community know what their 'Go To App', outside the realms of XBMC, is...
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  4. pangster

    pangster New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Snakebite: I'm very familiar with XBMC/KODI... Have it running on several setups and used it since the original Xbox days (when you has to manually code/update .ini files! Lol)...

    I usually install 'p2p streams' to handle ace stream and sop cast feeds.. I read your comments around having to specifically configure ace stream to avoid corrupting the eMMC... I've never came across this before - can you explain what is required?..
  5. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

  6. MickyNL

    MickyNL Member

    Any games recommended? Maybe Mario/Zelda style?
  7. hugenay

    hugenay New Member

  8. MickyNL

    MickyNL Member

    Didnt see that link before. Thanks for showing it (again :whistle: )
  9. nutter156

    nutter156 New Member

    Really good app for managing your movies/tv series on a connected HDD - Mizuu (see Play Store). Good alternative to XBMC. Developer really responsive.
  10. lardybarstow

    lardybarstow Member

    Hey Snakebite running some of the same, film on is good if you like English tv its a good feature in kodi and standalone apk app i have a $13 NZ monthly payment which allows me to record 10 hrs a day but you must watch or download to hard drive unwatched or it will reduce that 10 hrs..
    i did have acestream but removed it after Guru's warning would you be interested in posting a how to for having the cache set on an sd card only i could not work that out. I have not had sky tv for 6 months here in NZ 10 year old repeats 4 times a week my x8h was just over one months subscription so my x7 and x8 are everything here in NZ will watch with interest and will post if i stumble upon and app which is worth a mention thanks for getting the ball rolling.
  11. roy1234

    roy1234 Member

    World sports streams good app for Live sports
  12. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    App list updated..
  13. piggy99

    piggy99 New Member

    MAG TV emulator would be nice
  14. Sky sports performs much better than skygo. Looks like sports uses acceleration the other is a bit patchy with scrolling
  15. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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  16. kevin malcom

    kevin malcom New Member

    Showbox is a great application to watch hd videos on your android mobile.
  17. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

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  18. am56

    am56 New Member

    Agree with most of your selections.

    Regarding the * Tunein Radio * which is a great app, I use for years on different platforms, I'm big disapointed.
    From unknown reason, the appearance of this app on my Minix X8-H is quite strange, not as it appears on my smartphone and tablet screens.
    There is no access to "setting" tab and the app control is bad and inconsistent by remote, by mouse or a keyboard.
    Any idea how to solve that ?
  19. Karan

    Karan New Member

    I think that mobdro app is really nice option here which will surely help me.