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App YouTube for Android TV. Not work

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H PLUS 007 firmware via MINIX FOTA' started by veraphon, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. veraphon

    veraphon New Member

    App YouTube for Android TV. Not work

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  2. Shen

    Shen New Member

    I got the same problem. Always says network issue cannot make connection. But the chrome browser works fine on the device. I did clean image flash.

    Can somebody help me fix the problem?
  3. JohnMalk

    JohnMalk New Member

    Same issue.
  4. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    Try clearing the cache/data or uninstalling the app and re-installing.
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Tested and it works fine with FW007.
    Please make sure both your Youtube app & Google Play Services are updated.
  6. supertommy

    supertommy Member

    same problem here with youtube tv app :(
  7. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    No problem running it here.
    Again: please make sure your app and play services are updated.
    The new app icon is in RED, the old one is in WHITE.
  8. supertommy

    supertommy Member

    no way always error 410, anyway youtube icon is white ... system is updated google playstore say everythin is up to date
  9. yhadie69

    yhadie69 New Member

    Youtube for android tv not compatible with minix device, only Youtube for Google Tv will work

    Try install Youtube for Google Tv from playstore
  10. supertommy

    supertommy Member

    ok! now it works! Problem was that app was not updated! dont know whi it wont auto update i have to search for youtube google tv app and manually update throug playstore, now it's ok!
  11. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    This is expected. :whistle:
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  12. supertommy

    supertommy Member

    I noticed that some youtube videos are not fluid.
    should the automatic refresh rate switch work on youtube ? Automatically?
    It seems that other online streaming applications (like infinity TV ) have the same problem
  13. von

    von Member

    I've searched and can only find the normal YouTube app in the Play Store. How to get the updated android TV version?

    Edit: So I found both YouTube for Google TV & for Android TV in the Play Store but both reports that the device is incompatible with the device. How now?
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  14. von

    von Member

    Okay, how about just sharing the latest working apk file for sideloading.. I have uninstalled the app and play services is updated. YouTube for Google TV still shows as incompatible in the Play Store.
  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

  16. von

    von Member

  17. SylentCommando

    SylentCommando New Member

    I had the same problem, just uninstall you tube from your apps, and go to the play store and download the newest version of the you tube app. I think the version shipped with the Neo-8X-H Plus is old.
  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Youtube for Android TV is for Android TV OS, which is not compatible with our system.

    You need either standard Youtube app or Youtube for Google TV (V1.0.5.6)
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  19. But we lost the pair features now :/ The YouTube For Google TV 1.7.5(Pre-installed with x6 and x8 which allowed pairing) has been abandoned from Google and does not work anymore..
  20. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    Using KODI and install Kodi remote on your phone to do that @@