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Audio cut outs

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by Nathancs, May 11, 2015.

  1. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member


    Was on f/w 2 for a long time and everything was working great. I just did a bunch of OTA updates and am now on f/w 4. I've now got a minor issue with audio cutting out. It cuts out for half a second randomly while streaming video in Kodi. I didn't have this issue prior to updating. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything like this? Or if anyone has any ideas of why this is now occurring?

    Should say I'm using the x8

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  2. Belazi

    Belazi New Member

    Same here.
    Audio cuts out after OTA update to firmware 4
    The video file is played in XBMC 13.3-3 from Synology NAS.
    Minix X8-H
  3. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

    I've found the issue happens more often when playing back a 1080 or 720 file. Can anyone help with this issue?
  4. BigArm

    BigArm New Member

    I have a solution that worked for me. I also had the audio and video drop outs since 0003 and then with 0004. In the end I backed nothing up on x8 and did a fresh install of 0004 with the usb burning tool. Reset up xbmc from scratch after that and viola the problem was gone. I don't know if some setting or some corruption had happened when doing a OTA update but this problem only really started happening to me ever since the OTA updates started. Maybe there is a problem there Ken?
  5. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I'll wait another couple of days and see if there is a less painful solution, otherwise I'll give that a try.
  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    factory reset is always recommended after each update.
    system corruption does happen and is not 100% avoidable,
    this is not only a problem for Android OS, on iOS similar issues happen too.
  7. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

    So I flashed my X-8 with the latest official firmware and set Kodi up from scratch. My audio glitches are still occurring. Every 5min or so the audio cuts out for about 1 sec. Very annoying. Since I installed from scratch rather than updating, that should reset the box I'd think. Not sure what else to try... Maybe I'll go back to the Minix version of XBMC and try that? See if it's a Kodi issue rather than F/W? Any other suggestions. I also have an X8-H and everything is working fine. Same firmware/setup...
  8. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

    Okay, I can confirm that it's not a Kodi issue. It seemed worse in XBMC! Is it possible to flash an older F/W overtop of a newer one? This issue only started after I updated the F/W.
  9. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    when you say flash do you mean flash using the usb burning tool. This is the only way to ensure no "residuals" are left behind.

    If you have not flashed with the usb burning tool try this first, you can flash with this method any version of the firmware correct for your device
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  10. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

    yes, that's exactly what I mean. I first updated via OTA, got this issue, so then reimaged the box using the USB Burning tool, still had the issue, so then I did a factory reset just to make sure, and same issue. Tried original minix xbmc, new minix xbmc and kodi 14.2. Same issue on 2 different boxes. Has to be a firmware issue by my logic/testing...

    Thanks for the info. If I don't get any other suggestions on a fix I guess I'll flash it with an older F/W. Thanks :)
  11. WilfredG

    WilfredG Member

    I have the same issue. Audio cutouts randomly for +/- half a second in XBMC (Kodi from HardwareGuru). Not that often though. Haven't had the time to do/test a factory reset.
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  12. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    I reported this issue of random audio-cutouts many months ago in several threads ... unfortunately it has never been resolved. Issue exists on both XBMC for Minix and Kodi (all versions for past 6 months at least, including latest Kodi 15.2 RC). Tested with all sorts of audio and video settings in XBMC and Kodi and also Minix Advanced Settings, uninstalled apps that coujld interfere with audio and notifications ... no change, audio cut-outs still occur. You just have to live with it! :(
  13. killeriq

    killeriq Member

    i had Finless 002a for long time, but this was working only with XMBC no audio issues, with KODI wast working. So ive moved to official 006 and there are no audio issue

    I had some audio issues on 002a with some older XBMC.

    also using projector , reciever + 5.1 sound
  14. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Upgraded to 006, but still get audio cutouts ... they seem to be shorter in duration (like random 'pops' of no audio at 15-30 minutes intervals) but they are still there. Will try 007 next.
  15. killeriq

    killeriq Member

    hmm i realize that only with one movie i had...cuts were like each 15sec, on 002a finless was this exact movie without issue...
    All other movies are fine, i also set to match movie frequency/Hz setting
  16. Arnaudl

    Arnaudl New Member

    I have the same issue since a few months with my X8-h. Audio cutouts randomly for +/- half a second in Kodi 15. It depends from movies. I'll try a reset factory
  17. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Yep, as expected, still have the random audio cutouts with 007 on both HDMI and optical out :mad:. In fact, they seem to be worse, at one time the sound 'wobbled' (in a repeated loop) for about 3-4 seconds before stabilising again.
  18. alessandro_pallaria

    alessandro_pallaria New Member

    I have the same problem

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  19. Carlo

    Carlo New Member

    same issues!
    I must restart neo X8-h everytime.
    Please Minix resolve.
  20. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Pease reflash with the full system image.