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Audio cut outs

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by Nathancs, May 11, 2015.

  1. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    i only get audio drops with jarvis rc3, none with minix xbmc 15.3

    which is a bit of a ballache for me as i want to use the latest arctic zephyr skin based on jarvis which has some very nice features :(

    edit: oh i see that jarvis 16 has now been released....maybe :whistle:[/QUOTE]

    Installed Jarvis 16.....still audio dropouts

    In for a penny in for a pound i installed Krypton 17 nightly, which i believe has new passthrough method

    from trying a few of my aac ac3, dts and dolby digital 5.1 files all seems to work well with no audio dropouts :)

    this is neo u1 with 005 firmware
    digital output to spdif to my external decoder in minix settings
    passthrough settings in kodi on, with enable dolby digital ac3 transcode option enabled

    maybe worth a try for others having audio cutouts

    some screenshots of settings
    digital sound setting.png kodi audio 1.png kodi audio 2.png kodi audio 3.png kodi sys info 1.png
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  2. andrejusj

    andrejusj New Member

    The only way I've solved the issue is flashing custom firmware at http://www.minixforum.com/threads/update-18-okt-2014-x8-h-flashable-zip-for-neo-x8-h.98/

    Download links are

    I won't play with EXTRA Updates/Apps mentioned under the first URL above, in my case the Kodi 15.2 and now Kodi 16 work just fine. The only issue I've noted the Philips Bluetooth headphones not connecting automatically but this not so annoying as the sound drops.
  3. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Going to Kodi 17 did not fix the sound drops for me with v8 Minix firmware. I get sound drops with the latest MinixXBMC on latest v8 also. Will try @andrejusj suggestion with v2.6b.
  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    1.) I always recommend a clean flash from a PC;
    2.) Cache partition must be wiped after an update (this step is very important, here is an explanation);

    3.) Make sure a good cable is being used (this is to rule out another variable);
    4.) Kodi team is aware of the compatibility issue of the current hacking passthrough method on certain amplifiers but the final fix won't come until Kodi 17.x, e.g. It doesn't work with the Denon amplifiers launched in 2015.

    We are not "not responding" to you guys,
    we really didn't change the video/audio parameters for a really long time so we've ruled out the possibility that our update creates the problem.
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    New passthrough method is available with:
    Our V15.3 based MINIX XBMC;
    Our V16.x based MINIX XBMC (coming soon);
    Official Kodi V17.x
    Other than these are using hacking passthrough method and is known to be having issues.
  6. andrejusj

    andrejusj New Member

    In my case mentioned sound drops, HDMI cables, wiping cache, clean install, etc. has nothing to do with sound drops issue and with Kodi as drops presented in other programs (Youtube, etc.) too. Seems it related to the way how particular release of Minix boxes (hardware platform) is controlled by the whole branch of official firmwares. Again, the only http://www.minixforum.com/threads/audio-cut-outs.5823/page-5#post-89015 is a solution in my case.
  7. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    This thread is not related to MTBF...
    and there are lots of G4, X5 users here and they bought the device at 2012...
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  8. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    thanks @MINIX - Ken

    i look forward to your release of 16.x based minix xbmc as i use a skin which is dependent on Jarvis (y)
  9. Vidman

    Vidman Member

    OK a few things here :
    1. the explanation you refer to is not an explanation it is just a reiteration. A link to how to perform the procedure would be more beneficial than that screenshot

    2. What does a really long time mean, since firmware 002 perhaps ? Which others have reported as the last version without the issue

    3. How do you do that procedure? And what are the consequences? Does it wipe apps? Setting?

    4. This issue is system wide, not just with kodi and passthrough (see post 8)

    5. Multiple unanswered pleas for support since before this firmware was even released I would class as "not responding"

    Thank you for finally commenting on the issue tho
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  10. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Thanks for your reply Ken. I guess there are a lot of very frustrated Minix owners on this thread, and other threads related to the 'sound drop issue', who are giving you grief ... but believe me it is not fun for us also who experience sound issues every time we use your device. The frustration augments as we often don't seem to be getting relevant feedback from MINIX on this issue ... and inevitably this is interpreted by us as MINIX not acknowledging there is indeed an issue, or ignoring it because it has perhaps been thrown into the 'too hard basket'.

    Your last sentence is a bit of a contradiction. If you have not responded because MINIX are taking the stand that the AV 'parameters' have not changed for 'a really long time' then why are we hearing this for the first time? As a computer systems and electronics engineer (for over 30 years) I can certainly think of many different ways a trusted and proven HW design can indeed be affected by newly introduced software apps, may it be because a new app(s) is making uncharacteristic resource demands on one or more HW stages/subsystems thus creating new artefacts not previously identified or tested, circuits current supply capacitive decoupling struggling to cope with these new demands, or increased digital noise levels peaking above the acceptable designed SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), or increased (or poorly compensated) signal propagation delays that can also have a significant impact when operating near the full designed bandwidth spectrum when pushed by new apps, etc. It is sometimes underestimated how a minor alteration in one part of a software functionality can affect seemingly unrelated part of another software functionality. How much 'regression testing' and V&V is performed by MINIX in these respects (HW and SW) after each new firmware release? I don't expect you to provide answers as I'm just merely trying to establish that your last statement was rather unrealistic ... introducing new factors into a generic design can have profound effects on its HW and/or SW functionality and operating characteristics.

    Cables ... yes, as stated in my earlier posts I have tried my MINIX device on two separate configurations, one TV based via an old (2003-2004) Denon AVR using SPDIF for sound, and one cinema-projector based via a more recent Denon AVR (2010) using HDMI for audio/video, obviously all different cables, all of them work fine with my other players (Linux and Windows PCs), so that ruled out the cables a "really long time ago" :).

    The "current hacking passthrough method" ... well OK, again, first time I hear of this! You indicate that there are some "known issues" with passthrough ... what are they? Note however that I have tried not using passthrough and I still get the sound drops.

    The "Cache partition must be wiped" ... ugh what? Could you please clarify? Where is this described? If this is so "very important" then perhaps this step should be clearly indicated with each release (as part of the 1st thread post for the new release)... or better still, it should be part of the update/upgrade method ... just a thought! :)

    Thanks for taking the time to respond Ken ... would appreciate a more detailed account of how to perform the all important 'cache partition wipe' - thanks and cheers.
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  11. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I believe 100% of what you said and I could understand the frustration, but have you ever considered the possibility that your unit might be a lemon?
    Have you tried to contact your reseller and claim for an exchange or RMA?
  12. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Yes I have considered it might be faulty ... until I came to this forum and realised so many people have the same issue. So, statistically, if the number of MINIX owners of this device (who have posted their sound drop issue) is representative sample population then there would probably be hundreds of MINIX 'lemons' out there! That's bad news for MINIX sales and reputation! But I don't think all of us here have 'lemons' ... and maybe, just maybe, we just need your 'very important cache partition wipe' instruction you mentioned earlier (you know ... it's the one you highlighted in red!) which sadly was missing from your response ... so would you please do us the honours and indulge us with clear instructions, many thanks in advance, from all of us ;)
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  13. KodiDude

    KodiDude Member

    Ken, it would appear that the 'cash clear' suggestion in your post #84 above is performed after a OTA update, and only if problems are experienced ... the next step, if the problems persist, is to perform a factory reset. From the description it would also appear that the 'cash clear' is perhaps nothing more than a RAM clear (performed by long press on the MINIX key if I recall correctly - or perhaps it is the 'Minix All Tasks Killer' function on the main menu?) or some form of page-caching clearing (again, in RAM). A 'partition cash clear' however suggests something a little more 'substantial' as the terminology indicates a mass storage partition of some kind used for caching purposes, perhaps a little like the Swap partition in Linux? As mentioned earlier, your instructions for performing this function would clear this up (no pun intended :)) - thanks.
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  14. mrdude

    mrdude New Member

    You can clean the cache by going into recovery mode - then use the menu in that to clear the cache. Obviously your box needs to be connected to a TV to see this menu.

    As for blaming Kodi - my sound issues happen even after a full re-flash - via the software tool, and not installing any apps. It's probably down to all the crap Minix thinks it should automatically install to your box, taking up system resources. I recommend after the first boot after a re-flash - once all the apps install themselves - remove them all. The the box seems a bit faster and the CPU usage drops. I was having all these sound issues and doing that solved my problems - it's not hardware related, it's definitely software related or my sound issues would still remain after a re-flash, and removing all that crap.

    Minix seem to think the users are all stupid and don't understand how hardware/software works or how to fault find! however some people are more experienced than the Minix engineers - maybe they should consider that before trying to bullshit us with 'your box is a lemon' type of crap.
  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    You're right, again.
    We've seen many cases getting resolved simply by reflashing the firmware/ clearing cache/ swapping cables.
    As a matter of fact there are a few users left with the problem unresolved after all that, including you.
    When these cases can't be fixed by software adjustments, what I may suggest would be going for RMA.
    I have no better option to offer, to be honest.
  16. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    It's not RAM clear... it's a hidden folder storing cache files and could be messed up during an update.
    It has no down-side and clear the junks being left-over.
  17. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    First boot:
    Background is installing apps, and building cache files, yes, it's slower.

    Not even 1/1000?
    I really don't want to be rude but you are the one who are actually throwing us BS.
    Even our CPU vendors have to provide us 0.3% spare parts.

    Don't forget these facts:
    He tried the re-flash, he tried to switch cables, and the problem remains.
  18. Leo83

    Leo83 Member

    Keen why aren't you giving clear step by step instructions of how to do this. If there is a slim chance that this could be the problem why aren't you sharing the possible solution. It had already been asked several times and still no clear instruction had been provided.

    All the frustration you see in this thread is due to that kind of none-answers that are provided by Minix or even worse no answer at all. Keep communicating with us, that's the key to keeping your customers happy.

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  19. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    To enter system recovery menu, your box has to be connected to a display (so that you can access the menu options)
    a.) Press and hold the "Recover" button on the back of the case next to the HDMI port;
    b.) While holding the "Recover" button, press the "Power" button to boot the box into recovery menu;
    c.) You may release both buttons when you see the MINIX boot logo;

    You can see the option "wipe cache partition" right inside the menu.
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  20. Leo83

    Leo83 Member

    Nice Ken, keep up the good work!

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