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audio delay 250ms on beta9.2 firmware and XbmcMinixbeta8 on 23,976fps vids

Discussion in 'NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 9 firmware (20141018)' started by Edwin, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Guys,

    If i may, i have 2 questions for your team

    My setup:
    Neo x8h
    Beta 9.2 firmware (Guru)
    Minix Xbmc beta 8
    Streaming all vids over LAN via NAS

    HDMI passthrough enabled

    HDMI 1080p 24HZ

    Issue 1) mostly with the 23,976 vids (1080p mkv), i see lots of video frames skipped and have to adust audio to delay it with 250ms to get the audio and video into sync with each other.

    I find this strange as the auto frame switching was native to the latest Xbmc Minix beta 8 now right?
    It seems to be working but perhaps its because the match is never exactly 100% the fps of the video that it is causing this effect?

    Issue 2) a strange "lag" within operating the Minix Xbmc interface (like when your on the main screen and go from videos to Movies to pictures its slowed down ) .

    I want to state upmost i utterly respect all the work you guys have put in the Minix so far, you guys are doing an awesome job!! I felt this has to be said too ;-)
    And ow yeah, i love this box.

  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Hi Edwin,
    The firmware has moved on a lot from the beta firmwares, look in the official firmware section, to see how to update manually to 002a then via ota to 003.
    Minix has also released a new version if xbmc, look in the xbmc section.
    Having said that you will probably still need the audio offset, I use -250 and have it set as default so i don't need to worry about it or change it each time

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  3. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Higgs,

    Thanks mate i will check that out!
  4. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi higgs,
    I finally ended up using the image with the 003fw and i was able to succesfully boot that, i then installed minix xbmc 13.3.3Final, but now i have strange "2second video slow motion" that seems repeated every 5 minutes or so
    I have noted some settings to be as precise as possible for you so hopefully you can have a better understanding of my issue:

    23,976 self-adaptive rate switching is on, Audio set to -250ms
    Hdmi output mode setting 1080p-60hz

    D (audio: ac3,48000hz,5.1(side),ftp,384kbs)
    D(video:h264 (high), yuv420p(tv,bt709),1280x716)
    P (fr:23,976,vq:99%,dc:am-h264, Mb/s:2.56,drop:0,skip:678,pc:none)
    C(ad:-250,a/v:0,0xx,edl:-,dcpu:7% acpu:0% vcpu:1% cache:0 B 99-100%)
    W( fps:8-12fps cpu0:15-24%,cpu1: 18,9%)

    Not sure what all these mean but i do see that "aq,vq"( audio video quality?) and especially this "B" setting under C ,are either 99% or pushing at 100%.

    All tips are welcome

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  5. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Higgs,

    I tried with the same video file and this time i deactivated the adaptive frame switching option in settings, in minix xbmc 13.3.3final, i re-enabled the adjust display refresh rate change on start stop, and set the pause during refresh rate change to 4sec again , the "2second video slow motion" is now gone.
    So, it looks like the adaptive frame switching does not work optimally yet?
    Note: whan adaptive frame switching under settings was activated i did not set the display refresh rate and pauze in minix xbmc,i believe thats the way it was supposed to work right?

    Best regards

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  6. chielmi

    chielmi New Member

    Did you install last week's OTA that fixes this slow motion issue?
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Higgs,

    Thanks mate, i will give it a try tonight!
  8. Kerenfood

    Kerenfood Member

    Hi Higgs
    i have installed 20150207 yesterday on my 8H and i also have this wired delay between sound and video.
    i look at the same video file that i sow before and this delay is new
  9. Edwin

    Edwin Member


    I have tried one video yesterday and noticed that it was considerably better but its still there, but admitted, it's much much less then before.
    I tried another video this morning (hdmi cable hooked straight to TV) and i had no delay issues with sound (i can set the sound to 0ms delay when i hook up the HDMI cable straight to the TV) nor did i see any video-delay so that's promising!
    I will make some more tests and get back to you.

    Both videos tested are 23,796fps mkv's, i have the adaptive frame rate switching back to ON, my HDMI settings are 180p 60hz with HDMI passthrough
  10. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Does anybody know why there are so many skipped frames with 23,976fps files?
    In 20min ofvideo play, i have over 2700 skips
    Adaptive frameswitching on,1080p 60hz hdmi setting, 003fw with xbmc minix 13.3.3Final, and no audio delay set ( i notived that when i set it to 0 ms, audio is in synch with video now which is great because with the -250ms i had set before audio and video never really were in sync)

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  11. Kerenfood

    Kerenfood Member

    was any comment about the Audio lag caused after upgrading to the latest FW ?
    solving this issue by tuning the XBMC voice delay is not a solution , as what if i use you-tube app or video player not via the XBMC ?
    can i fallback to the previous FW, ? i was so happy with that

    Thanks in advance you are doing a great efforts
  12. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hmm, the xvid videos still need the audio delay set to -250ms with fw003 and xbmc final,this is annoying as for other videos 1080p mkv 23,976fos it seems not needed but you can only choose to default the delay for all videos and not for videos of a certain coding type which leaves me switching back and forh the audio-delay setting each time and that not really practical
    I really hope the audio delay issues get fixed

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