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BUG!! Audio drops

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by no8080, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. shablamy

    shablamy Member

    LibreElec(for now)

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  2. B-art

    B-art New Member

    I think i'll give it a try.
  3. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    if you do get audio drops just try pausing the stream for a few seconds and then unpausing...this often cures audio drops
  4. B-art

    B-art New Member

    thanks for your answer. I tried this and i must admit that we had no audio drops watching the entire movie. Unfortunately the problem returned when watching a second movie.. There must be something wrong between the minix firmware and kodi. I hope they will find a solution for this.
  5. cbsmith

    cbsmith New Member

    It is definitely something with the firmware or the S912 chipset. The problem exists on the U9 but doesn’t exist on the U1 using the same versions of Kodi and connected to the same tv and receiver using the same cables.
  6. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    B-art you could try just using the video player app that is also installed on the U9. It can be configured to pass-through DTS. You can still use Kodi for HD audio. It works fine like that for me and as long as you know which movies have DTS soundtrack its no effort to open Video Player instead of Kodi.
  7. B-art

    B-art New Member

    Unfortunately the video player app doesn't support streaming over network.. Tried serveral other app's wich support network streaming (vlc player, archos video,..) but nothing plays without stuttering. I'm using a wired (gigabit)network connection. For now I'm using my 5yr old WDTV live player again until everything will work like it should be on my u9-h. I'm very disappointed ..:(
  8. shablamy

    shablamy Member

    Its possible you have a lemon u9-h device. I stream all my 4k Atmos content over gigabit(local home network). No problems

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  9. B-art

    B-art New Member

    Sorry, English is not my native language. What do you mean with lemon device ? Does it mean that it's not a official/Original device ? I bought it from a PC store in Belgium and everything looks genuine to me. I hope there will be a solution soon..
  10. shablamy

    shablamy Member

    Electronics are mass produced so you might have a defective one. See if you can return it for another one?

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  11. B-art

    B-art New Member

    Not sure about this.. Although i'm disappointed, i still believe that it's a decent player. I think it's a firmware / compatibility problem, mainly because there are other users complaining about this.So i guess i'll have to have some patience.
  12. Sebastian Plattner

    Sebastian Plattner New Member

    btw. With Plex, I don't have these Audio Drops! Only in Kodi!
  13. jieff21

    jieff21 New Member


    Thanks for the tip Gary, it worked out for me. I selected 2 channels and got no more issues (so far).

    Thanks for sharing.



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  14. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    have you got hd sounds with those settings? thx
  15. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

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  16. jieff21

    jieff21 New Member

    Yes, HD sound is working so far (dolby digital, dts...). Go figure ;)

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  17. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    First step should be with ALL Kodi Krypton Audio passthrough issues, in Kodi Settings > System > Audio - Reset above settings to Default

    Do NOT change the number of Audio channels

  18. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    Ok thats good but, wrong thing is two channel cant give hd sound. It can only send basic 5.1 for dd n dts. So setting can be 2 channels but it seems it works in different numbers of channels.

    Looking forward to my minix, not received yet
  19. jieff21

    jieff21 New Member

    I see, by doing this, it reset the number of channels to 2. Then you can set the passthrough. So I guess we shouldn't mess with the number of channels once you set passthrough. For some reason it affects the audio, but it shouldn't. That's the interesting part.

    I would be curious to see the source code for this.

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  20. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    kodi is opensource isn't it so that shouldn't be a problem