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Audio sync drifts

Discussion in '[Bugtracker] Official 002 firmware' started by viktor, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. viktor

    viktor New Member

    I have set the audio delay to 250 ms as suggested, and most of the time when starting playback the audio and video are in decent synchronicity, but at some point while watching, either after pausing or just by itself, audio comes out of sync. I then have to find a new offset usually somewhere between 300 and 0 ms to line things up again, and it's fine for another while until it changes again. The behavior seems kind of random but I usually have to adjust the offset 2-3 times over the duration of a movie.
    It's easily the most annoying problem I have with the device.
  2. Atac

    Atac New Member

    I have Almost exact same problem and started a new thread for it too. Audio syn for me keep get longer throughout the movie.
    Agrees that it's extremely annoying for the most advance neo series tv box.
    Again, Ken is this being solve by minix in the next update?
  3. Charlie Monkey

    Charlie Monkey New Member

    I'm also getting this since the upgrade, having never had any need to adjust this with the v1 fw.

    Watching a film at the weekend I must have readjusted it about four times.
  4. Arc Light

    Arc Light Member

    I also experienced this and the delay kept getting longer and longer. Really hope someone has a fix for this?
  5. Atac

    Atac New Member

    Your silence is surprising.
    Will the next firmware update solve this?
    When is the actual date it is available?
  6. mellery

    mellery New Member

    Hello all,

    First, sorry for my poor English...

    I don't know if it is the good place for this post, but I have approximately the same problem. I'm on NEOX8-H.

    Since fw002, I have a delay of about 250 ms between audio and video, but only on SD videos. This never seems to happen with HD videos.

    I thought fw003 will solve the problem but this is not the case.

    Any idea on what happens?

    Thank you all.

  7. Healer

    Healer Member

    For what I read, it happens on 25fps videos.
    Minix is going to release a fota fix on top of the 003 to fix that.
  8. mellery

    mellery New Member

    Thank you very much for your answer...
  9. Healer

    Healer Member

    Fota already released. Let's see if it works. :)