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Auto-Power On MINIX NGC-1

Discussion in 'NGC-1' started by Martin Hans, May 10, 2016.

  1. Martin Hans

    Martin Hans New Member


    on the X7 and Z64 there was a possibility to set a jumper on the circuit board so that the device auto powers on when plugged in.
    This is not the case anymore in the NGC-1. Does anyone know a workaround for this or have any idea how it could be implemented?
    (The NGC-1 acts as server)

    Best regards
  2. neobasil

    neobasil New Member


    i had the same problem with missing auto-power-on function on a Minix Neo-5.
    And I found no other solution as to install an additional circuit which simulates
    a 2-3 second long touch of the power button.
    This kind of technical solution should work with all MiniX with 5V DC-In and
    similar housing design.
    [Edit: 12V versions: see below]

    It was hard to figure out how to build it in a quite simple way, without programming
    and voltage adjustment and, of course, it has to fit into the casing.

    The solution was a Digital Timer Circuit which was adapted to our needs.
    Things you need are:

    - Digital Timer Board (Nr.507212 Conrad Electronic SE)
    - 1x 10uF capacitor and a 1x 1uF capacitor
    - 1x 100 KOhm resistor
    - 1x PCB-relay e.g. FTR-B3SA4.5Z (Nr.629462-62 Conrad Electronic SE)
    [Edit: or Fujitsu FTR-B3SA012Z for 12v-Minix-Versions]

    Primary, in order to fit all this into the housing, you have to remove the PCB-Clamps and exchange
    the 10uF-capacitor to a new one which has to be positioned horizontally.( see pictures)
    On the side of the J1-connector you have to solder an 1uF capacitor and an 100KOhm-resistor as parallel
    connection.(Simulates a keystroke on power-on)
    It´s better to connect a mini-relay to the output which decouple the switching procedure and provides a “cleaner” circuit design.
    The Voltage for the board can be directly tapped on the contacts of the DC-Plug. And the relay-output can be directly soldered to the contacts of the power switch.

    Due to the combination of resistor and capacitor values on J1, it will be necessary to wait for about 1 second to repower the unit after power loss otherwise the capacitor wouldn´t be fully discharged and a circuit reset wouldn’t happen.

    Please be informed, all use of modifications is done at your own risk.

    Happy soldering!

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  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    The NGC-1 has a 12V DC supply!
  4. neobasil

    neobasil New Member

    Ok, sorry,... shouldn´t be a problem.
    The only thing which has to be adapted is the mini-relay (e.g. Fujitsu FTR-B3SA012Z).
    The one which is mentioned above works fine only with 5v.
    Last edited: May 18, 2016
  5. SimbadDeZeeman

    SimbadDeZeeman New Member

    Just a question, before i order these components. Do they all fit in the NGC-1 ?