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Autostart when power is plugged in

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by sFn_Lionel, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. sFn_Lionel

    sFn_Lionel New Member

  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Settings, Advanced Settings, MCU setting


  3. tmckeithan

    tmckeithan New Member

    I have a U9-H and have enabled this setting, yet my unit will not auto-power on. I've updated to the latest firmware. Could I be missing something else? I would like to buy more of these for a digital signage solution, but need them to auto-power on.

    I'd appreciate any feedback and help.

  4. ReadyStandby

    ReadyStandby New Member

    Frustratingly, I have one box that will boot up automatically, and the other seems to only do it when it wants to.