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AV sync behaviour

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by dennisdv, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. dennisdv

    dennisdv New Member

    Just upgraded FW to 005 and very positive outcomes so far: HDMI spoofing works fine and SAMBA does as well - and the Deep Colour settings are now sticky..

    One thing however is puzzling me - let me explain my setup.
    u9-H with FW005, Kodi 17.3 (passthrough activated - SYNC to AV disabled) connected to a Sony DN1070 AVR connected to a Bravia X3100 TV.

    With 004A I had set audio delay in the AVR at a value of 110MS to get a good sync. After FW update I noticed that the sound was BEHIND video - indicating that either the AVR is taking more time to process audio or the TV has become more efficient. Set the AVR to HDMI auto sync but that didn't change much. After much fiddling I found that setting the AVR to 0ms delay gets the sync back in line.

    Not sure what happened here - something in the chain is introducing delay with audio. Cannot be Kodi as it is set to NOT sync AV and do passthrough. AVR also doesn't do anything delay wise and from the previous configuration I know the TV needs about 110ms to compensate for video processing...

    any ideas??

  2. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    I could be wrong but I would guess fixes in version 5 fixed the problems you were experiencing.