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Best Minix XBMC for X5 & Problems

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by X5er, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. X5er

    X5er New Member

    Have an X5 with Gotham 13.2 XBMC installed and working.

    Tried to install Minix XBMC 15.3 and 15.2 but these start the first run and then crash out back to main Minix screen. Trying to run them again doesnt work as it tries to start and just reverts to minix main screen again.

    No Gotham 13.2 is reset as well and my addons are all gone and its like a fresh start has occured.

    My X5 firmware is dated 2013-11-04 which I cant reference, can only find a 2013-11-08 which is FW005 listed on internet so not sure my version # for firmware.
    Android version is 4.2.2
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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator