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Beta9 progress

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by HardwareGuru, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    To inform you a little about the progress on the new firmware as many af you requested.
    I thow it is not much but i hope you understand after reading this post.

    Beta9 allready had 3 revisions and things have been fixed on each one.
    We are still overcomming some little bugs.
    We are still fixing some bugs in the internal player ( 4k player ) and some what seems to be minor issues..

    A developer knows that fixing one thing can break another.
    The reason we dont give much info is we dont want to say things that might not work at the end.
    Current state is smooth playback on 23.976 for all movies in XBMC.
    ( Playback/stutter issues seems to be solved as we speak. this is tested and confirmed by the test crew)

    For some things we depend on Amlogic as they know the chip adresses and binary values and they dont release much info on that.
    Amlogic has been pushed by MINIX to make patches for beta9 and they allready delivered some wich work perfectly. ( thanks to AMlogic )
    A changelog can only be made when we know wich changes will make it to the release ( some fixes might be passed to a next release )
    For this reason we can not give an improvement list before release.. please understand this.

    The progress is about 90-95% at the moment for beta9.
    The goal is to make it so that it should be the OTA update after the beta release without any changes ( i "hope" this will be the case )

    I hope you are informed about the progress now in the best way i can.

    Best regards
    The MINIX team
  2. Paul

    Paul New Member

    Thanks for the information Hardware Guru. A concise rundown on the state of play regarding the new firmware. I hope this goes some way to stopping the continuous sniping by some people. I get tired of seeing the same question time after time.
    My setup seems fine on the last update, I don't get restarts & the box plays anything I throw at it.
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  3. tomson

    tomson Member

    Guru...... Thanks a lot for you info......
    I asked for you in other post, but no answer: How about Android L???? Will be compatible with Minix????

    Other point: I believe that most users do not have a 4K TV, so the problemas with 4K Player can be as Known Issues and solved in final release.
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  4. bembeleee

    bembeleee New Member

    Nice !
  5. Eldarc

    Eldarc New Member

    Hi, thanks for the info, we all appreciate it.

    Tomson, you may be right regarding not many users have a 4K TV. But some of us do have it (not my case). And there might be another reason to take care of the 4K player. It's an important flagship feature of this device. It may help them selling more units. And when most of buyers don't even care about 4K, knowing that this device runs 4K with no issues, they also know it will run 1080P super smooth.

    I still have a doubt. My English is not that good as you have already noticed, and I might have not understood the beta release. Once it is finished 100% and tested by your test crew, will it become an official firmware released via OTA? Or will it become an official beta that after a few weeks of public testing it will become an official firmware?
  6. woftor

    woftor Member

    Thanks for the update HardwareGuru!

    One questionmark per sentence seems enough :). This is making you look very inpatient and the minix-crew is working hard finishing another release...
    Why do you want Android L? What features are you missing in KitKat that L has?
    Furthermore: They are BETA-testing a release based on KitKat (that hasn't even been finshed yet), so asking for Android L seems a little odd to me.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2014
  7. sepi82

    sepi82 New Member

    I appreciate the intention, not to release something "not-finished" - but that's what a "beta" is - as long as it's not in alpha state, it's quite normal to publify betas which are, as you stated, already at 90-95% in function. In a state from 50-85% it's quite normal, that it's a closed beta for limited testers. Most of us would appreciate a beta release at 90-95%, regarding that important things for most of us users, like proper 24p-playback are fixed and stability issues are mostly sorted out... everyone using a beta should be aware that a "beta-state" has "known issues" which will be fixed in the final release - and that's ok! So - for me - I would appreciate it a lot if you guys would release a "nearly-finished" beta so many of us can test it and can eagerly be waiting for the final one, by being happy about the fixes that have already been achieved...

    Just my 2 cents ;)
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  8. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    That is exacly where the problem is.
    Till beta8 we where releasing all the betas straight to the public.
    Most people dont understand the concept of beta and where acting if it where official releases.
    The load of complaints ( not testing reports ) are huge on each beta.
    This is the reason most testing is now done within a small crew first.
    Then known fixed will be solved and if most is solved it can be released to public.

    That is why beta9 is now beeing tested and not yet public.

    Sorry to say but your question is realy not worth my time but here you go;
    First we need to get kitkat running 100% properly before we are going to think about Lollypop.
    Oh i forgot; "!!!!!!!!!!!!" .. is this realy needed to get some attantion?
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  9. sepi82

    sepi82 New Member

    Mh.. that's a shame.. cuz' that's not what beta's are intended to be. Normally away from final, with bugs - and people should know that instead of complaining.
    I'd appreciate it - even if it's stated as "full"-, if you could involve me in testings betas for the X8H (as I posted now in the specific thread), cuz' I think I could contribute to it in many ways.
  10. Emanuell Hitardo

    Emanuell Hitardo New Member

    Thank you of this honest answer!

    Really hoping to see it coming out :)

    Best of luck!
    You have always done a great work. This time will be no different.
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  11. Luca

    Luca New Member

    I'd be happy to try a beta release at 90-95% as soon as possible (y)
  12. sheridan

    sheridan Member

  13. cool

    cool Active Member

    I hope you will release OTA
  14. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    I am very happy because HardwreGuru has decided to inform to all of us a little about the progress on the new firmware, as some users here at our forum have requested...

    I hope this serves to appease some users with some reason, are a little impatient!

    Although this information is not as much as we expected, we will now be better informed, and also will know what improvements will have this new update.

    But the best and most positive of this matter is that MINIX is working hard to enhance the OTA Final Firmware and to release it As Soon As Possible.!!
  15. jediking

    jediking Member

    The force is strong with this one.
  16. Muroka

    Muroka Member

    I really do not understand people who say not to rush. Do they want to get update when X8 becomes obsolete.
    Meanwhile new devices with Gigabit ethernet , USB 3 ,Bluetooth 4.0 ,5 MP camera are arriving.
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  17. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    Well, this is really the great point in here.

    The time to market of the product was perfect but we were expecting a finished product, or at least with the minimum bugs possible. What we got was a faulty firmware, and despite the great effort by the developers trying to deliver us the best finished product possible the issue is that the machine is aging and the image given by Minix isn't the best because 4 or 5 months later and we don't have an OTA update over the most basic things.

    Some of us have installed the Betas, others are waiting patiently for the next firmware stable release, but keep in mind that not all of us have the knowledge or will to install Beta's and for those this product is 5 months late, in the shelves, and mining the company reputation with its clients. It's not the developers fault, they're trying the best to give us the best product possible and are even aware of the forum member's requests, that is admirable, but nothing can wash the fact that the product was released with an unfinished firmware and there was no workforce capable of correcting those structural bugs in the first few weeks.
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  18. cool

    cool Active Member

    Yes you are right those boxes are already out by few companies. But my you cant find this type of support anywhere.Secondly do not underestimate this box haedware it is made keeping in mind of next 5years. And abt bluetooth and camera they are addon you can connect any time to usb whatever latestverdion you get. Here ij builtin camera or bliwtooth if it ger corrupted or damaged it will have effect on all the box functionlity
  19. gavra

    gavra New Member

    umm you have to draw a line between support for a device after it released to efforts to make a device useable (and stand behind the ads you provide). This box is definitely not a "5-year hardware", it is pretty basic, just to make things work good enough for maybe, hopefully 2 years (and even that after over 4 months it doesn't seem to do good enough).
    Hoppefully we will get a working device soon.
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  20. radoslaw79

    radoslaw79 New Member

    Could you please add support for VIPER4ANDROID in the next release of beta rom? In normal way V4A won't work correctly. Is there a way to enable it, I wrote about it on minix forum, but it's a little bit complicated. I also using aosp rom for my LG g2 phone and I found a patch to resolve this problem. The question is that this patch will be work with minix. I will try myself to check this but I have no idea where is the problem with minix, why it won't work with V4A. Are you interested in to help me and add support for V4A??? I am using minix x8-h with very high quality external audio DAC over spdif and the sound quality is awesome with V4A:) so I want to bring this powerful feature for other users:)

    All credits goes to you. I only want working V4A :)
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