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Beta9 progress

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by HardwareGuru, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Hi all,

    I want to tell to all the MINIX X8-H users, that although we are all very anxious for the final Firmware and also it have taken MINIX a bit to improve the Beta-9 and the final Firmware, I think we should give to
    MINIX a chance "without presure" (and yes, I know that we have been waiting for so long time) to finish things well!!

    The MINIX X8-H have an excellent hardware, that just needs some tweaks and improvements in it's firmware, so I really hope that MINIX will valorize this condition and will make the most of its potential!

    I'm very happy with my X8-H, so take your time to test and now get it right...

    We will patiently wait a little more for a Final better firmware!!!

    "I hope my comments help to calm down in little"
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2014
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  2. Zahir

    Zahir New Member

    Your comments are redundant. We've been told to wait, and wait we must. That doesn't mean all of us like it.
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  3. simone

    simone Member

    Right. Actually is a Ferrari, but the engine not. If i buy a product, where xbmc is a must, i think that xbmc is perfect, or not? So i attend, i am Very exciting for beta 9, but the Point is another, when this bugs will be correct, all buyers will be happy. Stop. But patience in every situation is not unlimited.. Team minix is ok and i want to make a Big Thank for hard job
  4. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    Well, this product is an useful multimedia little box, so no one dies to wait a little longer for the release of the new firmware. And the great majority of the people who buys this product do it online, so the effort of returning it is greater than expecting the release of a new firmware. If the gross revenue of Minix was coming from physical retail market, with this quality of firmware (I am not talking of the product), they would already had thousands of returns at this time and would be struggling with a serious problem of lack of trust from consumers. They would have to be more perfectionist with the quality assurance.

    But that's not the case... who buys a box of these, moreover with android operating system, is because we understand how it works and with a tweak here or there it will always respond more or less to the needs. However it is still an unfinished product on the market, and still the buyers patience is also 5 months stretched.

    That discomfort is neither good for on side or another.
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  5. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    What we can all do is have a little patience. The state of the latest beta firmware is what it is. And nothing will change that. We all have to wait, including me. I also think that the stock firmware for the X8 is perfectly adequate to see us through until the new firmware arrives.

    The guys are doing a great job and this is something that we have not seen before from other manufacturers. The reason I like these products is due to the support and also the great community that has been built up around it. All of us who take part here I am sure will look back in a few years and will be proud that they were here to witness something amazing.
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  6. internetact

    internetact New Member

    For me, bad vibes around this beta 9 release comes from the fact minix has spoken about a release in august. Then, if it's not coming, people want to know why, thinks there's a problem and a possibility it never comes ! Fear to buy wrong, etc ... Perhaps Minix should have explained explicitely the problem with Amlogic, the work they would have to do in an official thread, saying that they don't know about eta but that they will release something good asap. All this has been said, slowly, along differents posts, from the 2 forums .. Not surprised by the fact people are coming everyday asking for news ... Last thing I want to say, coding, debugging, testing, recoding, redebugging, retesting, is not easy under pressure. It takes long time, it takes the time of a movie to see if a movie is playing from start to finish, it takes one whole day to see if wifi is holding connection during one day, and if it's not, it has to be corrected and retested and so and so ..
  7. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Hi Zahir,

    Respect your opinion a lot about it, and maybe you have a lot of reason, but I'm just trying that we could understand, that sometimes things do not go as well as we would like...

    But as things are now... Unfortunately we still will have to wait several days (at least until the end of October), because according to the latest information, the causes of all the delays, is not just from MINIX but also from the processor manufacturer Amlogik... Remember that this Processor is a bit new, and seems to still lacking some corrections!!

    I know we can not all think alike, but in my case I prefer to give a new chance to MINIX (at least until the end of the month), to see if they surprise us finally with the Firmware upgraded !!

    If now MINIX not meet with us, I would feel very disappointed and they will lose all its customers, which I think will not be advisable to MINIX, as they also have several devices available and not just the X8-H.

    Note also that MINIX currently sells and also guarantees all its products in Europe and the United States, so would have serious problems if sued for selling a product not finished.

    But don't worry any more, this will not happen, because I still think MINIX, that has had some setbacks, will respond, will be responsible with their customers and will complete the Firmware !!!!!

    "Excuse me for the long post, just wanted to explain a bit my view on this matter"
  8. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    There are millions of android devices today in the market and can tell you that many of them sell them after firmware problems that do not do what they promised in their advertising, they have done nothing to say that virtually disappeared from the map. And now serve clipboard. Which so far have not seen you made your NEO deco MINIX X8, since the purchase I have installed two betas, which corrects some problems there are many yet, but for day to day works well, you need to polish many things if true. But I see that MINIX and staff of this forum and the great community that is created around MINIX are doing everything possible to give us a new firmware hopefully with few or no problems. Which computer is difficult to predict. So we have to support their hard work. Sometimes we talk and we do not realize that sometimes teans not have the full support or Amlogik or the MINIX itself, but go slowly giving information and after a long fight. Many problems especially XBMC addons in the addons themselves are having problems running on android and blame people MINIX when that problem is not in your hand fix. We can report but we ask XBMC addon or who made the arrangements. Thanks for your work ....

    One thing I have nothing to do with MINIX or with your forum. I'm just a user who buy a MINIX NEO X8 H .... just support the hard work of this forum ... thanks
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  9. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    I understand both parties, but I think most don't understand that the people that bought Minix aren't the same people that bought MK802 or whatsoever, they're different products with different level's of support and price range. They have bought Minix because of their background, because of their previous products, their software vs. hardware / price and strong marketing campaign. They believe in a Box with a good hardware for low price and with a stable software.
    What some people don't seem to understand is that not everybody has to be a tech savy to use Minix and install Beta's, all those other users are with a unstable box sitting at home. One that does random shutdowns upon use, one that doesn't write on ntfs external drives, poor Wi-Fi stability, and have a proper support for even other Minix products as NEO A2.

    What I stand for is that I believe that the solution for this basic problems aren't addressed to Amlogic. The video hardware decode yes as some issues into the XBMC media center, but not others, and this simpler issues should have been solved earlier with a proper OTA release.

    Of course that we can't do anything more than wait, and of course I'm very happy with the level of commitment of Minix Development Team, and I firmly believe that the next firmware will be a very stable one with all these problems solved, but as a consumer I have to be a little bit annoyed with this delay.
  10. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    100% Agree, traxdata...

    That's what I meant in all my previous post:

    "What we can all do is have a little patience"

    Although SONY is a giant company, do you know what happened to their Google-TV NSZ-GS7 and also to their newest NSZ-GS8 units???

    After all the NSZ-GS7/GS8 users were expecting the promised Jelly-Bean update more than 1 year, they decided to discontinue the units, without communicate it to their users!!

    We find out the bad news, because Amazon.com added on the product description:

    "This equipment has been discontinued by the manufacturer"

    But SONY never had the courage or the slightest courtesy to communicate this bad news directly to their users !!

    I am aware that MINIX is not such a big company like SONY, APPLE or SAMSUNG, and may be they don't have all the money in the world, but MINIX has always supported all their EXCELLENT Products!!!

    I mentioned this little story, so you all can know that, also the "Famous" big companies also fail and give bad service to their customers!
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2014
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  11. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Many people are unaware that the SAMSUNG at its inception was a company that bought and sold products we call these Chinese unbranded and today is one of the largest companies in the world. And that has struggled for its null or pesimo support many of its flagship products. Here's an example of a co tube job problems with your SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 a few days of buying it just stopped working, sent it to the warranty and returned it a few days with a letter from the representative of the company that said that the had been guilty of misuse. He spoke with a lawyer migo who sent a letter to the SAMSUNG reporting that hiban to file a lawsuit in the European courts on the lack of guarantee of the products of this company. A few days sent a letter to the people of SAMSUNG companion for it to be looking for a new phone and I had to leave the problems ... and is a huge undertaking and was not interested buyers. So have patience MINIX is doing the job and on this forum are doing a great family ... and all have their problems, but that we all try to fix them ....
  12. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    Are you really finding examples on other major companies to add credibility this product?
    Everyone has it, the larger ones even have more because of its sales volume and wider range of products.

    Minix doesn't need that... it stands on its own. The question is all about the delay, nothing more.
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  13. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    And we are all aware of it. That's why I ask for calm and patience.
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  14. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Dude I agree with you, I also look forward to a new firmware just put the example for all companies not only have problems ... and Especially That small firmware fix all problems have Reported That users.
    To me what has bothered me is the way some users have come to forum to present their problems. Aggressively thing I do not agree, because we can not complain we can ask for improvements, changes, demand an explanation for this and it does not function. But not mistreat people who try to help. If we are to talk about changes I would like a new laucher because the laucher meter seems very basic ... and I'm not an expert and less on Android to do it myself ... thanks

    excuse my English ....
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  15. Muroka

    Muroka Member

    I still do not understand people. Either they did not have any decent player up to now or they pretend. Even my TV's player is better than Minix now. We wait for B9 .I do not think it will be bug free. But the truth is that this closed beta thing made lost all Minix X8 users at least one month.
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  16. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    No problem, I understand that language differences can portray something different when read back if you are from a different country.

    That's me done now. Said my bit for the Minix community. I look forward to the next beta. It will be awesome.
  17. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    We are not Comparing MINIX with the giant companies, to add credibility to this product... That's not the point.

    What we are saying is, that MINIX is a smaller company, and things tend to go slowly!

    It is not my intention to defend MINIX, but considering the excellent support that they have always given us, I think we should let them work without pressure!!

    I think that MINIX deserve it!!!
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  18. genem

    genem Active Member

    I'm happy with my Minix, everythink works as it should work. It's the same discussion as with celphones, diffirence between need to have or want to have. And also the discussions about android updates. If you dont like it, don't buy it or at least read first some articles about an gimmic before you buy it.
    So from now on..... don't complain.......
  19. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    With or without betas?

    Nobody is complaining about nice to have things, i think, but about the instability and lack of basic features of the stock firmware, like writing in ntfs or wi-fi stability.
  20. akislxt

    akislxt New Member

    For everyone that complain about flashing firmwares and wanted a total out-of-the-box experience....Every device nowdays needs firmware updates.I had 3 updates since I bought my Samsung Galaxy phone.Each time fixing or creating bugs....I've lost count of how many updates I have done on my XBOX360 and PS3.Even my TV had some bugs when changing channels and needed a firmware update to solve that,and I had to search their site for that and flash through USB.And the list goes on...tablet,router,satellite receiver,DTV receiver,even the new SSD drive that I bought!!!All the devices were of known brands,and almost all had some bugs.And when I contacted service most of the times their response was to update,or to wait for an update,if they accepted or knew about the problem...But sometimes they refused that there was a bug and stated it as "normal behaviour",although there were reports all over the net...
    The point is that even a dedicated media player might have bugs and not do want you want,and it is difficult to test everything because of all the different codecs on both audio and video.And it is harder to do so in a device as the X8,which has an OS and had to be compatible with everything a media player is,and also with countless apps in playstore and so many peripherals that everyone owns and connects on it...
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