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Beta9 progress

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by HardwareGuru, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. genem

    genem Active Member

    My system runs on beta 8, flashed it with SD card. I can't immagen that people complain about not want to use pc or sd card for update. Come on, for $ 3,- you buy an 2 gb sd card, wich is enough for updates.
    Problems with stock firmware? Update to 8beta 8 with stock buffer patch, and everything is working. Oh yes I trew out the M1 mouse. That helped a lot against reboots. I'm using now an 5ghz (cheap) wifi mouse from Rapidoo to controle my box, works perfect.
  2. jordi

    jordi New Member

    please add the capability to play videos @ 96 khz 24 bits video/audio .it will make the minix close to perfect for many users.thanks for the great job and support.regards
  3. albert

    albert New Member

    The OTA update feature looks as a gimmick with no real use in the minix 8h一so far cannot be used.
  4. corganjordan

    corganjordan Member

    thats because there is no update to install OTA yet, these are all beta's. Once they test it all, you will be able to use the OTA to update to latest offical firmware
  5. woftor

    woftor Member

    No shit Sherlock.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 5 met Tapatalk
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  6. Max Henri

    Max Henri New Member

    Would like to atleast try this fabled beta 9, before I get an Android TV.
  7. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Friends pressure the team that is doing the new firmware will not make it out faster. Only they will tire the moderators and administrators and what they will do is stop entering these post and when you actually write any major modification will not read. So we will be patient I also want to see the new changes that are coming ....
  8. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Totally agree zarbman!

    I'm glad a lot of your comment, because I've been saying the same thing in all my last posts, but unfortunately some users still do not understand!!
  9. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Update: We shall release the BETA 9 tomorrow.
  10. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Super... Super... Excellent news!!!!

    A couple of days ago MINIX mentioned that the Beta-9 was almost ready (95-96%)... Has the MINIX Team received the long awaited information from Amilogik and it has resolved all the remaining small bugs (like the 4k player bug)?

    I would like to know, if besides all of the new improvements of this New SDK Firmware, we will receive some APP and Functions or Tweaks in the METRO Launcher, so we can customizer better its Colors and the Icons positions?

    Since, I have ordered a MINIX A2 Remote for my X8-H, I also would like to know if MINIX has corrected the remote driver and have at last implemented the Mic&Speaker of the A2, in this new Beta-9, or if we will have to wait for the Next or Final Firmware?

    Thanks again for the great news!

    Thanks MINIX for always keep supporting such an excellent product like the X8-H!!!

    Please excuse the long message... But I am so happy, that I almost can not wait till tomorrow!!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2014
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  11. nereid24

    nereid24 Member

    Is it have 4k player bug fixed Ken ?
  12. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Very good news ... now to wait for the optimal working of MINIX team ... thanks
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  13. Emanuell Hitardo

    Emanuell Hitardo New Member

    These are great news :)

    Congrats for the hard work!
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  14. ssspacman

    ssspacman New Member

    Excellent. I will update my Minix x8h tomorrow, hope most bugs are solved.
  15. thebhenchod

    thebhenchod Member

    Great news!

    I hope Sky Go works with this update.
  16. skyzo2000

    skyzo2000 Member

    Great news!

    I hope Bein Sports app works with this update.
  17. mackin

    mackin New Member

    Great news, Hope this resolves my sound cutting out every so often.. And thanks for all your hard work guys...

    Much Appreciated.
  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Please check back a day later, thanks! Good night!
  19. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    MINIX-Ken Thanks, now I'll be able to sleep peacefully!!
  20. thebhenchod

    thebhenchod Member

    Skyzo, there is an app called world sports that has all the bein channels. I think it's on the play store if that helps.
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