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Boosting WiFi performance through the headphone jack

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by Dzamo Norton, May 24, 2016.

  1. Dzamo Norton

    Dzamo Norton New Member

    If you own an X5 you know that the internal WiFi antenna that comes with the box, if there is one, has dismal performance. By accident I have discovered, while using my headphones with the X5 and streaming video, that the WiFi bitrate I get in my lounge goes from ~6mbps to ~60bmbps when the headphones are connected. The X5 is about 10m from the access point, and around a corner. The bitrates I refer to above are those reported by Android system settings, but actual speeds in applications tell the same story. The headphones have a long cable, I'd say 2.5m.

    I have only noted this a few times but I do believe that the headphone cable acts as an antenna. I guess some level of shielding is just not there in the X5: I can also occasionally hear cellphone-like buzzing in my ears when viewing streamed video while using the headphones.
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