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BUG!! Brightness problems

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by pudlll, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    I have strange problem with my MINIX X7. During watching tv, playing videos or basically during operation brightness of screen is changing all the time. Any ideas what can be the reason for that?
  2. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    The brightness of your tv is not managed by the x7.. Please check your tv settings for such issues.
  3. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    I'm not so sure about that, every time when I enter to some menu or option list the screen is getting more dimmed and this issues with videos looks exactly the same. I'll check it with another tv to make sure if X7 is causing this problem.
  4. silverstone

    silverstone New Member

    hi pudlll
    I had same problem movies was so dark so I use Screen Adjuster Free form the google play and it work much better
    sorry cant post link (im not allowed)[​IMG]
  5. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    I checked this and it is definitely Minix issue. I notice that it is happening mostly during some dark scenes in movies played from usb stick and also while watching tv in xmbc. It behaves exactly the same like when I enter some menu lists in xmbc or other apps.. or for example before shuting down Minix there is always this menu with 3 options (power down, sleep, restart) and background is dimmed. Maybe some software problem? I have Android 4.2.2 version, I guess this is newest one right?

    Silverstone I already have Screen Adjuster, but it didn't help here.
  6. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Strange.. I never seen such issue.. And no 4.2.2 is not the newest.. We are currently on 4.4.2 wich you can find under custom roms (community edition kitkat )
  7. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    Ok, can you tell me how to make such update (or just show me where to find information about it) ? Is this the same file like on Minix homepage NEO X7 6th FW Release (0101, version 008) ?
    Other strange thing here was that I could not install minix edition of xmbc, there was some kind of error after installation, so maybe this unit is somehow faulty?
    I just have bought this thing, I can still return it, you think it is worth to try with this updates? Or it is better to exchange it?
  8. Vassil Dimov

    Vassil Dimov New Member

    First off all let me thanks for the new firmware. I'm having the same problem like pudlll. I am sure that's not problem with my TV. I updated from official 010 4.2, I experienced that in one of oldest build, not sure about the number, now it's back.

    The upgrade went smoothly, without any problems, using restore button. I updated with the box hooked up to the TV and it stayed on for a few days, there was no issues. After returning from a little vacation and turned on Minix - there was this issue with brightness.

    I tried correct it with TV settings, nothing happens.

    Can you look for some solution, Hardware Guru, please?

    I can provide additional information if necessary.

  9. drito

    drito New Member

    Hi all,

    I have exactly the same problem in my X7. I had posted here already (http://www.minixforum.com/threads/x7-kitkat-v2-0-0-community-edition.2038/page-19#post-19446) and I was waiting to see if someone could help. It is not a TV problem, the TV works great, it is only with the x7 that this happens. And has I said in the post, I updated to the new 4.4.2, which works great, by the way, but has this minor issue in my case. It is not something really serious, it only happens in the menus, not in the movies, but its a little annoying.

    I'll try the app screen adjuster to see if it helps. If anyone has any other solution, please share!

  10. trisharing

    trisharing New Member

    I have the same problem with my neo x7. The brightness going dim when xbmc perform the dark screen. It is keep going changing. Please fix
  11. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    Ok after all it turns out to be some weird option in my tv, so Minis seems to be fine here
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  12. TriPham78

    TriPham78 New Member

    What did you set in tv pudll?
  13. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    It is LG tv and it has a loads of video options, one of them was some kind of control of 'blackness' or darkness. Since this is LED tv, it has some problems with black colour - it is not as black as it suppose to be, more like very dark grey, so there are some special options to improve that. It is weird that by receiving normal tv with satellite it didnt behave so weird, only with Minix connected through HDMI, but turning that option off solve that problem, so it has to be tv's fault.
  14. cool

    cool Active Member

    Try changing ur HDMI Cable
  15. TriPham78

    TriPham78 New Member

    Thanks. Mytv also led of LG. It should be the same problem. Let me try
  16. pudlll

    pudlll New Member

    I remember in some other topic people recommended hdmi cable change too. Can somebode explain why does it matter? Sorry, I work with electronics everyday and ok, analog interafces are sensitive for cables quality, no doubt about that... But digital? They work or doesnt work, that's it! How cable quality can change digital signal so in result screen is getting darker? I just dont get it :)
  17. cool

    cool Active Member

    I had the same problem with my sat receiver The pic went dark on time to time & it was solved with change of Cable :)
  18. TriPham78

    TriPham78 New Member

    I have minix 7 connect with receiver by hdmi and receiver to led by hdmi. Which one need to change?
  19. windhelper

    windhelper New Member

    had the same problem and I was hopping that restorring the last image on the support secction - NEO X7 6th FW Release (0101, version 008) -will make the dam thing to work .... I had a surprise ... the crappy thing failed to uppload the image ( for no reason, because I fallowed the steps on the web, on the other hand, how hard can it get to instal some drivers and press the restore button) and since then the box didn't started up .... I hope to ressurect it on my own .. if not, SPECIALL THX to all the developpers that worked on the project for makeing me loose the money- because since november 2014 till now didn't have the time resolve this issue.
  20. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    YOU ARE WELCOME!. By the way: welcome to the forum. One post and directly trying to make us look bad isnt a good start to get support.