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BUG!! Brightness problems

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by pudlll, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. windhelper

    windhelper New Member

    the issue was brought to your attention since november, and all you did was to tell to the people to change the settings from the tv ... nothing else ... when some one is buying any thing programable like android tv box is expected to have a decent support system ... and when the official image fails to update it's a big shity thing .... let's hope that it's a hardware issue ( the failed update) .
    I don't have any ideea how hard it's to resolve this , but in the first time the image shouould contain more brightness options, like the auto brightness or the adaptive brightness chek boxes. Don't take it personaly my friend but your team deserve's it .. for god sake man , peoples are loosing money , and you want them to be happy ?
  2. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    First of all i dont like your atitude on the forum.

    You are just having one post starting with this attitude in a topic that is not even on the subject.
    The rockchip platform has little less brightness then some other chipsets, but this topic is about the screen getting dim wich can be resolved by updating firmware.
    The topic is about brightness/dim and not about how to update firmware.
    There are a lot of topics that are about firmware update and sollutions are provided. (i have not seen any questions from you there)
    If you box has a hardware failure you should return it for a replacement.
    No other brand is providing a support platform(such as this forum) to there custommers so please revise yout vieuw on that.
    If you asked the correct questions in the apropiate sections you should get awnsers instead of waisting your and our time.
    Trying to force us to help you ASAP by making the suggestion you will give us a bad name is not in your favour and it does not work that way.

    This is my last reply on this totaly useless debate, to be clear;
    - be respectfull on the forum and towards members and staff. ( i will not ask again )
    - ask questions in the apropiate sections.
    - on defect contact your reseller or minix support: http://www.minix.com.hk/AboutUs/Contact.html
    - start a conversation instead of blaming people for your issue will do so much more. ( we might actualy be able to provide some help... )
  3. windhelper

    windhelper New Member

    i'm tired arguing with you .... let's make it final because i'm typing from my mobile-phone and that's very annoing :
    I started this conersation knowing that i'll have to lose, and I don't care; I don't need your help or anyone as a matter of fact, I just want others to know and see that by updating the damn thing with the ofiicial image provided by minix - specialy NEO X7 6th FW Release (0101, version 008 there is a probability that will not work, asuuming the hardware isnt to blame (1% probability). there other metods to make it work, asuming i didn't mess it up realy bad in witch case it's my mistake. but if the damn thing wouldn't have the problem with the brightness, I was never interested in flashing an other image because I just bought it for movies played from the network drive at home.

    so what about your attitude mister ... this not some comunist party, this is the web and the people have the right to know what are buying because only from controversyes the buyers and the product will have anything to gain. if youre not able to perfect the software you'll have everything to lose. So good luck and get back to work . I wish you a brighter day
  4. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    This is the Official minix forum and is here to support our custommers so no it is not a place you can write anything you want otherwise it will be a mess in here.
    x7 6th firmware is allready old and updating to the latest one will be advised.
    Hardware issues can happen! but i assume your box is working fine right? oh no.. it wasnt.. so its not hardware so it is the guys behind the software that we will go and shout at becuase the hardware does not talk back to you?
    Seems you dont even want to he helped, and just here to argue.
    This is a place for respectfull people.

    Sorry to say but i will suspend your account.
  5. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    Hello everybody. I am happy to have my first post in this dynamic forum.

    In order to overcome the "dark screen" situation in my X7, that is still present even after updating the firmware to the latest kitkat (x7-20150320-230), I am using Screen Adjuster Free apk. It works great (contrast -40) however I just can't set autorun working, so I need to launch it manually every time Minix boots.

    Can someone teach me please how to set it to work automatically ?
    Many thanks in advance
  6. ati

    ati New Member

    There is an app in the Play Store called Autorun, give it a try.
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  7. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    @ati many thanks.

    Unfortunately Autorun did not solve it. I had already tried another similar app: AutoStart (no root)... But with no luck.

    It is strange because this should be pretty straightforward, but my limited skills in android are still overwhelming! I am clueless.

    Thanks again.
  8. adrian

    adrian Member

  9. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    @adrian thanks.

    I have installed Kodi 15 "nightly builds" from today 31st of March and even with the settings level in Expert mode, I can't find most of the parameteres you indicate in your thread. For example the ones referring to Brightness and Contrast....

    Any other clue ?

    Thanks in adance.
  10. adrian

    adrian Member

    If you push C on your keyboard while whatching a video to bring up the video options you'll see both options there as pre the screen shot on the above link

    Never tried it myself but you may be able to use a key mapping addon and set the brightness to a key ? Worth a try
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  11. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    @adrian many thanks ! ah ah you nailed it !

    not only I can access the contrast / brightness buttons BUT ALSO there is an option to set the new values as default for all videos !

    on a side note this kodi version is continously buffering so.... it is not usable :)

    could his be a x7 kitkat problem (for which I just migrated) or a kodi (alpha / beta) version I am using ?

    many thanks again.
  12. adrian

    adrian Member

    always a hard one ... IF large numbers of people were complaining id say it could be X7 and guru would jump on it
    but then you could say the same of kodi ?

    myself I've generally put it down to my own internet speed or the server im trying to stream from ... remembering volumes of users are always changing.... could be good one min and the next thousands of people could be trying to watch a sporting invent on the same server or through the same pipeline your trying to use
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  13. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    That's a good point Adrian.

    However I have a very controlled environment.

    One NAS WD 2tb cloud edition connected to a single X7 through a gigabit switch. BTW less than 1 meter distance ...

    This worked flawlessly for months... (With the contrast issue obviously.... )

    So my doubt is who has the buffering problem: the new minix X7 kitkat firmware or the "beta" Kodi ...

    Many thanks for all the help !
  14. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

  15. adrian

    adrian Member

    Just to throw a spanner in the works kodi alpha 2 is out .... Much nicer than the last release
  16. Chris Hoekstra

    Chris Hoekstra New Member

    I have this issue as well and have both an X7 and a Tivo Mini connected to the same TV. Switching cables and inputs between the two doesn't change: The minix is always quite a bit darker in playback of video but I don't notice it as much in the menus. The brightness (or lackthereof) doesn't seem to waver, just overall darker image. I have 3 X7's and all exhibit the same thing.

    Using Screen Adjuster Free works great and becomes a non-issue. I have all three X7's running 230 on 3 seperate TV's and all have to run Screen Adjuster to compensate. I just assumed it was a known issue and a workaround was needed.
  17. Coolhanded

    Coolhanded New Member

    Just incase people are having problems with this. I have a samsung tv and mine was doing the brightness up and down thing. Its a setting on the tv. A hdmi setting. In advance setting, something to do with handling darkness.
  18. PatrickT

    PatrickT New Member

    Not having read all the posts here....

    I had the same probleem with my X7 the screen got extremely dark in dark movie scenes and also on Kodi menus with only a few menu options on the page.
    It turned out NOT to be the X7 or Kodi settings nor was it the hdmi cable !
    The problem came from my tv (Sony) settings, there was an option activated called something like "auto brightness"
    Turning that off did the trick for me.

    Hope this helps
  19. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Why post in a thread that is over two years old and for a completely different device. Update your firmware for the U9-H to solve the brightness issue.
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  20. Len

    Len New Member

    Thanks for this reply, even though it was in an old group. (Sometimes long shots do pay off. Lol)