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Bugtracker for NEO U9-H FW007A

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    PM @MINIX - John ... you may have a faulty PSU, other members have had issue with the PSU !
  2. Inigarc

    Inigarc New Member

    But I mean it does not power on with the basic IR remote control only when I shut down the device.
    With the A2 lite remote control it powers on, no problem, also with the physical button in the device.
    If I sleep the device instead of shut down, the basic IR remote powers on the device as well.
    It is a new device, i bought it 2 days ago, the firmware is the last one.
  3. Paul_79

    Paul_79 Member

    good afternoon, this is it, i have a question: fota is a malware in my advice?! i installed the malwarebytes in um minix neo u9-h and the program says i have a malware whose names is fota, any have installed the malwarebytes and have the same question?! thanks if any answered me....
  4. MINIX - Martin

    MINIX - Martin Moderator Moderator

    F.O.T.A. is not a threat at all. Feel free to use it.
  5. Paul_79

    Paul_79 Member

    thanks :)
  6. Paul_79

    Paul_79 Member

    what app is better for iptv to watch sporttv benfica tv in minix neo u9-h?! thanks for the suport….
  7. litvcom

    litvcom New Member

  8. Paul_79

    Paul_79 Member

    i whant a apk for tv channels with this channels sporttv and benfica tv, Portugal channels….