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Bugtracker is in beta

Discussion in '[Bugtracker] NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 8 firmware' started by HardwareGuru, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    We are trying out a way to make bug tracking better.
    The tryout is done on the X8 beta threads.

    The idea;
    - every new firmware release will get its own forum node.
    Poeple can post general discussions here about the firmware.

    - every new firmware gets a child node that is a [Bugtracker] forum
    People can post detailed bugs there so there will be a good overvieuw on each bug.

    Please let us know what you think about the setup or any ideas on how this can be made better.

    When we have it all figured out and it can be managed properly we will roll it out to all other releases
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  2. no_spam_for_me

    no_spam_for_me New Member

    For those who wants to help with LOG files

    Enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge):

    a. Plug in OTG (windows recognize a new device -> cancel driver setup)

    b. Download and Install MoboRobo http://www.moborobo.com

    c. At device at TV you will see a message "Allow USB debugging?"
    => Check "Always allow from this computer" and press [OK]

    d. Download and Install 'ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer'
    BTW: I unpack the .exe with WinRAR into a directory I like and use it at subdir adb...

    e. Test adb with 'adb devices' -> "12345678900 unauthorized"

    f. At device at TV you will see a message "Allow USB debugging?"
    => Check "Always allow from this computer" and press [OK]

    g. Test adb with 'adb devices' -> "12345678900 device"

    h. Because I don't need MoboRobo, I uninstall it (but keep the drivers)

    GET LOG:
    I have attached a batch file (cmd) which you have to place at the same directory as the adb.exe
    If you double click on it, you will get a 'dmesg.txt' and a 'logcat.txt'
    If you also need the XBMC logs, you have to edit the 'get-logs.cmd' and delete the REM at the beginning of row 1 and 2

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  3. mikekloc

    mikekloc New Member

    In regards to your above post about ADB, is this to enable ADB to my Mini Neo X8-H Plus or just to enable a log file? I am asking because I can't seem to adb into my Minix from my Windows 7 PC. I've used adb many time with my Matricom and Fire TV and it works great, no problems. I simply kill & start the server then connect to the IP address then do my adb installs of my apk files. But with my NEW Minix box I can't see to connect. I've tried downloading an app for ADB WiFi from the play store and it connected me for a moment then the app crashed. Since then I've not been able to connect. I have also rooted the Minix, verifed the root, busybox, superuser. Still will not allow me to ADB. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks! p.s. Yes I have enabled dev mode and yes I have set usb debugging to enabled. Sorry if this question is out of context for this area of the forum... I'm a newbie here.