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Can´t introduce google password

Discussion in 'NEO X6' started by Nuno Boquinhas, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Nuno Boquinhas

    Nuno Boquinhas New Member

    I just bought the Neo X6. I already have wireless connection working. When I tryed to start Netflix, a message appeared asking to sign in the google account. I signed in my gmail account but a message appeared saying that I need to be connected to the internet! I was, the wireless is working junt fine. Then a screen similar to windows pc appeared in my TV asking for the google sign in for my gmail. When I need to put the password in the password field, the keyboard doesn't shows up so I don't have a way to introduce the password.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    The picture attached is the image of my TV. In red is where I was supose to insert the password but the keyboard doesn't show when I press the ok buttom on the remote control (it's in portuguese).


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  2. ricky35

    ricky35 New Member

    I can't post links as this forum won't allow it.

    But I think it's linked to this, 2015/05/29/netflix-update-to-3-12-2-adds-google-smart-lock-support/

    Try google for more information, also netflix can't sign in help, netflix help pages covers many devices including Android. I don't know why your keyboard doesn't pop up but you can only be signed into netflix on one device at a time, unless you have more then one account. Sorry I can't help, I've personally given up on Minix devices.
  3. ricky35

    ricky35 New Member

    People with similar issue used a usb keyboard, or the fix was a factory reset. Have you installed any third party keyboards or disabled any apps.