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Cec Issue

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by Pintglass, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Pintglass

    Pintglass New Member

    After having my neo x8-h plus for about a year or so, I decided to try and make more use of it, previously I was using a raspberry pi.
    I was still on the stock firmware so i upgraded to 009 which all went quite smoothly after reading various threads on here.
    My neo x8-h plus is connected to a onkyo receiver which is then connected to my samsung TV both connections are via hdmi.
    I have cec enabled on all devices.
    The problem i have is that every time I turn on my TV I have to select the neo x8 from the list of connected cec devices, rather than the neo x8 staying as the active source.
    I have set the neo to not sleep thinking that could be the problem but that makes no difference.
    I have tried different Hdmi ports but this makes no difference.
    When I was using the raspberry pi I could turn off the TV, then when I turned the TV back on the TV and receiver would be on the same inputs as they were when I powered down.
    Does anyone else have this issue, or Know a way to solve it?

    Regards Pintglass
  2. andymnc

    andymnc New Member

    Same fw version (but it was tthe same with the previous) and same problem some time.
    I didn't find how to solve it, but the workaround i can suggest is, because of cec, to turn on the minix first so it will "call" the other devices.
    In my case, as i turn on the x8-h+ first, then the tv turns on (wait a little bit, usually it works).
    About the other flow (tv first), it's like not working. not always at least.