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Common audio and video bugs using Minix U9-H and Kodi

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by Clemery76, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Clemery76

    Clemery76 Member

    Hi all...

    So, I am still having a few minor but regular issues with using Kodi on my Minix U9-H.

    Firstly, I quite regularly experience quick audio dropouts every few minutes or so while watching movies. Seems to affect Dolby 5.1 and DTS soundtracks. Its only drops out for a fraction of a second, but is accompanied by a clicking noise. The only way I've managed to get around this is to reboot the whole device and start the movie again. I have gotten into the habit of letting the Minix boot, giving it time to settle down, the use the All Tasks Killer to close everything before launching Kodi... but even then I will sometimes still experience audio dropouts and have to reboot again. It is becoming annoying.

    The second issue is far less frequent, but still very annoying when it occurs... sometimes a movie will freeze on a particular frame while the audio continues in the background. Sometimes the movie will then play very fast to catch up, but other times it just forever hangs on that freeze frame. Rebooting and playing the movie again usually lets it play fine, so I am not sure its the media file itself (and this has been seen on media files that previously played fine on my WDTV).

    My Minix U9-H is on FW007, and Kodi version is currently 17.6, but this has been an issue since I first started on Kodi 17.3.

    Any ideas? I really miss the days when media players just used to work. I really wish I could just go back to my WDTV at this stage.
  2. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    I found the solution to my audio drops in another thread. Minnix Ken wrote:

    U9-H can surely passthrough DTS audio in Kodi 17.
    1.) You don't need to change the system settings, just leave it as "PCM"
    (From Kodi 17 onwards, its passthrough is independent of the system's settings, the app handles the stream by itself and pass to amplifier).
    2.) In Kodi 17, just enable the passthrough option, and select those modes supported by your amp.
    That's it.

    I tried this and also set Kodi to 2 Channels rather than 5.1 and my dropouts totally stopped. Kodi now works perfectly in all audio modes.
    Do yourself a favour and give it a try. ;)

    Regarding your second problem you didn't mention how you are streaming i.e. wireless or Ethernet. I personally didn't have much joy with wireless connection so I ran Ethernet and that solved many issues. I also have two usb hard drives connected with music/movie collections and all play fine. I too came from WDTV to this so I feel your pain but stick with it and you will prevail I'm sure.
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  3. Clemery76

    Clemery76 Member

    Thanks for this... I will check my settings tonight!

    When you say you set Kodi to 2 channels rather than 5.1... does that mean you are actually sacrificing surround sound, or is it unaffected if using passthrough?
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  4. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    No it is unaffected. Seems strange I know. You should get all formats perfectly.
  5. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    2.0 when using Audio passthrough refers to the number of Data Transport Channels over HDMI / SPDIF.
    NOT the number of Physical speakers you have connected to your AVR.

    Kodi even offers a similar explanation in the text at the bottom of the screen when you hover over the Audio Channels config.
  6. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    Thanks for the explanation. I had read that previously on this forum so I added it to Minix Ken's directions for selecting PCM. Not sure if it is necessary or just selecting PCM will do the trick. Perhaps you could clarify?
  7. Clemery76

    Clemery76 Member

    Thanks for your reponses!

    Had a check last night and found that passthrough in Kodi was already enabled. I didn't think to check my system settings though, so will ensure they are set to PCM as suggested. Its only an occasional (but annoying) issue, and in most cases a full reboot and task kill lets the same file play fine.
  8. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    Biggest Tip, go into Kodi Audio settings and Reset everything to default settings using the option at the bottom of the screen.

    Make sure Expert settings is selected bottom left and then ONLY select the Audio Passthrough options you need for your Audio receiver.
    DO NOT mess with the Audio Channels selector at all.

    Also make Sure in Kodi Player > Video Settings, you DO NOT have "Sync Playback to Display" selected. That will kill all Audio passthrough.

    Kodi does not care if you have PCM or HDMI selected in Android Audio > Sounds > Digital Sounds
  9. AndyCli

    AndyCli New Member

    I have the Same Issue but only with DTS Files, some irregular Hiccups (Audio) every 10-30 sec. It's really annoying and i tried out "a lot" of different suggestions and Settings.

    My Settings Currently at:

    Device System Settings > Audio > Digital Sounds > PCM
    Device System Settings > Audio > Digital Sounds > DRC mode= off

    Kodi > System Settings > Numer of Channels = 2.0
    Kodi > System Settings > Output Configuration = Best Match
    Kodi > System Settings > Allow Passthrough = on (DTS on)

    With the "Shitty Build" of Kodi the DTS Hiccups are gone but TRUE-HD Audio will crash the System

    Any other Idea what to do ?
  10. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    I have ordered that box u9 recently.
    If it doesnt pass through hd audio of dts n dd, I Will cancel Order.
    Any comment?
    Does u9-h pass through dts hd master n dd True hd to avr?
  11. kingsizept

    kingsizept Member

  12. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    so ???
  13. AndyCli

    AndyCli New Member

    yoo didnt read the thread OT. Passthrough works, but is somehow bugged (sometimes at least) with DTS
  14. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    i will watch movies from torrent downloads..i think most issues are because of online streaming..
    am i wrong? and have you tried to use other movie software other than kodi?
    and is that bug for all u9 owners, if so this forum must be as crowded as hong kong :)

    i want to learn if it is a general issue or related to some owners
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  15. 555-1212

    555-1212 New Member

    I've used MX player to stream my local files and it works fine. But with Kodi, the local playback always stops 1 hour into whatever movie I'm watching. I have to restart playback where it stopped. Again, I do not see this occur with MX player and I even had that app loop playback on a file I know made Kodi choke and still, no issues. Possibly a config issue or maybe a codec issue, I dunno, but I know I can reproduce the issue 100%
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  16. Ryan D

    Ryan D New Member

    I have done everything mentioned here and 5.1 still cuts out. Have also tried multiple hdmi cables. Will there be a fix coming?
  17. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  18. AndyCli

    AndyCli New Member

    @skynet v18 has still DTS cuts
  19. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    And SPMC ?
  20. AndyCli

    AndyCli New Member

    Can i install SMPC without messing up my library ?