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Common audio and video bugs using Minix U9-H and Kodi

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by Clemery76, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. skynet

    skynet Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Yes, it's a new install and won't touch your Kodi's libraries.
  2. kernerman

    kernerman New Member

    The 2018-01-06 build of Kodi 18 is suffering from the same hiccups. I've temporarily marked my receiver as non-Dolby-capable in Kodi System > Audio > Passthrough options to "fix" that (this pushes decoded PCM stream to the receiver instead of raw Dolby).

    SPMC does not seem to be able to perform passthrough at all. It doesn't have built-in "Enable passthrough" option but instead it provides "Output device" option where there is three options (two of them being "android, EIC/raw passthrough") but all of them emit PCM to the receiver. Also, SPMC's auto framerate doesn't work on U9-H, so it's not a viable solution in the first place.
  3. skynet

    skynet Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Spmc is able to use pass-through, I use it and it works perfectly!
    Select expert mode option in settings and go to system / audio
    Auto frame rate works perfectly too.
    I have no stutters at all using it.

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  4. Philippe J

    Philippe J New Member

    Hello, so I test a few things and for me the best solution is to use FTMC (version from freaktab)
    --> ftmc-jarvis-16-2-31
    However, the only downside is that it doesn't passthrough DTS-HD and AC3+, etc.. (only AC3 and DTS).
    As for SPCM, I encounter a lot a bug with that version of Kodi (audio drop and odd aspect ratio bug).
    For other format like DTS-HD, I use libreElec by dual booting when needed. (also, LibreElec is not perfect yet)
    Anyway everything else seem ok with this box. I just feel a little bit sad that after 1 years there is still sound problems with it.
    Stay calm and keep smile.;)
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  5. kernerman

    kernerman New Member

    My bad, scrolling with A3 air mouse is a bit counter-intuitive so I didn't manage to scroll the options screen and see that option at first. Indeed, there is a separate switch for audio passthrough in SPMC below on that screen. I enabled it, SPMC would emit proper raw Dolby stream but only black screen for video. I rebooted U9-H and SPMC started to play everything correctly, but now after reboot I didn't notice a single hiccup in 5 minutes in Kodi with raw output either (it used to be every 20-30 seconds). The problem is apparently intermittent and is possibly triggered by something. I'll see if it returns in Kodi.

    Still, auto framerate in SPMC (16.7-02, the latest version from Play Store) never worked for me. I go to Video > Playback > Adjust display refresh rate and no matter what I choose there (Always, On start/stop) it wouldn't change the output refresh rate on playback, it stays 60p. Playing the same source file with Kodi 17.6 (also from Play Store) switches the refresh rate to 24p.
  6. skynet

    skynet Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Strange, it works perfectly at home, most of my movies are @23,976 FPS and played fine.
    HDMI level must be set to 1 in Minix setting.
  7. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    I have a feeling it depends as much on the TV :unsure:
  8. skynet

    skynet Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Yes, some of them need some time to switch, from 0 to 5 sec :unsure:
  9. AndyCli

    AndyCli New Member

    Back to Topic SPMC seems fine, i would instantly switch to SPMC if there would be a viable Skin, e.g. Estuary, but there isnt at least till V17

    Since I now understand that the Android Development of Kodi seems more or less super-low-prio, what are the chances to fix this ?
  10. skynet

    skynet Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    We really don't know and we all waiting for Kodi V18 stable.
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  11. I got the EXACT same problem as stated in the first post. Gonna return this real soon if there is no fix