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Connect touchscreen to NEO x8 plus

Discussion in 'Firmware and Kernel development' started by maylosmail, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. maylosmail

    maylosmail New Member

    Sorry for my English.

    Help is needed!

    I want to MiniX Neo X8 connect sensor MT-S128.
    According to the instructions from the manufacturer of the sensor must be added:

    ts_drv.c > kernel/drivers/input/touchscreen

    device/xxx/libMTS128.so : system/lib/libMTS128.so \
    device/xxx/mts128d : system/bin/mts128d \
    device/xxx/UCNANO_MULTI_TOUCHSCREEN.idc : system/usr/idc/UCNANO_MULTI_TOUCHSCREEN.idc

    Add to init.rc:
    service mts128d /system/bin/mts128d
    class main
    socket mts128d stream 0666 system system
    user root
    group root

    All of these files are on the office site producer

    How is it possible to do?

    I will be grateful for any help you can provide!
  2. mister

    mister New Member

    Hi maylosmail,
    i have same problem... have you solved?