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Copy n Paste Not Working Correctly on Neo U9H

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H Guides & FAQs' started by Marm, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Marm

    Marm Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion but Firefox causes other problems for me. Used to mainly use Firefox a long time ago but hate it now. Solving the cut and past issue only to replace it with several other new problems that would drive me nuts is not a good idea.

    Thanks for trying.
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I use Chrome (V57.0.2987.132) as copy 'n paste works but context (pull-down) menus do not. They did before the last MINIX update so it would appear that MINIX firmware is at fault!
    I use Firefox when I want to access a context menu. I agree though that Firefox has it's own issues! o_O
  3. Marm

    Marm Active Member

    Update: I contacted Google/Chrome Support and complained about the copy and paste not working in the Chrome Browser. They told me to come back here to complain as the issue is one caused by MINIX.

    I was very disappointed that the copy and paste issue with the NEO U9-H AND the ridiculous and absurdly incorrect weather on the MINIX Metro were not fixed in the most recent firmware update.

    I do have a work around on the MINIX NEO U9-H by using an old version of the browser but this too is the fault of MINIX's firmware as this problem with the copy and paste does not happen with the U1 or several other TV boxes, tablets and phones I have tested recently.

    Please fix.

    Thank you.