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DD 5.1 passthrough

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Guides & FAQs' started by curtyman11, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. curtyman11

    curtyman11 New Member

    I am using the Neo U1 connected to a Samsung ks8500 tv via hdmi cable. I have the tv connected to a samsung hwk650 soundbar via optical cable. The soundbar decodes DD 5.1 and DTS. I have had major issues with getting the passthrough to work at all using the optical cable. The only way I have gotten it to work is by using tv soundconnect (bluetooth) between the bar and tv, and even then it does not work consistently. Sometimes there is no sound output at all, and other times it outputs a loud annoying noise. With the tv soundconnect, I have gotten it to work by going into system settings>audio>digital sounds, then switching to auto detect (which shows spdif) . For passthrough, I have it set to enabled, with DD and DTS enabled and DD plus and truehd disabled. When I power off the device and turn it on, there is no sound output, and I have to go back into to settings and switch to auto detect again for it to work. I have my tv hdmi audio format set to the default Bitstream option. My questions are: 1) how can I can get this passthrough to work with an optical cable? 2) why do I have to manually switch to auto detect in settings everytime I turn on the box, and if there is no fix for this is there a way to get the passthrough to work with it set to the default PCM? 3) Will the upcoming Neo U9-H decode the DD and DTS with no need to enable a passthrough? I might consider upgrading to it if it won't have these sound issues.
  2. newbie99

    newbie99 Moderator Moderator

    For me it sounds like a problem at the Samsung... I wouldn't use the ARC at the Samsung but use the U1 via HDMI to the TV and via SPDIF to the soundbar ...
  3. curtyman11

    curtyman11 New Member

    I have gotten it to work consistently with hdmi arc. I connected an hdmi cable between hdmi 4 (arc) on my tv and the hdmi arc input on my bar. the box is still connected to hdmi 3 on my tv as it was before. Then I changed device digital sounds from pcm to hdmi and all is well :)