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Debian based distro (*buntu, deepin, and so on...)

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4 Alternate OS discussion' started by Blad3Runn3r, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Blad3Runn3r

    Blad3Runn3r New Member

    I just (pre) ordered my Z83-4 2 days ago,and can't wait receiving it :)
    I'd like to remove Windows in order to install a debian based distro, but wonder about the audio, video and wireless problems already mentioned in the openelec thread
    Do you guys at Minix, plan to communicate about the additional drivers for linux when you'll be ready. It would be really useful, for those who whant to get rid of M$ on their machines...
    Thanks in advance !!!
  2. srjuanjo

    srjuanjo Member

    Expecting any linux distro with working drivers for wifi at least..