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Dismantle A2 Remote

Discussion in 'NEO A2' started by aussiedean, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. aussiedean

    aussiedean New Member

    Hi all,

    Just as a reference for those wishing to dismantle the A2 remote I have a few pics below of the points to look for. I started by removing battery covers then remove the two small screws in the battery bay (Left side as you look at the keyboard)

    I used a small flat bladed screw driver carefully pushing inward on the right hand side on the remote end then left and right on the sides and work your way down. It is tight so will require a bit of work to open but you can do it. Hopefully without permanent damage.

    As mentioned previously try and return if still under warranty but mine is well out of that period now so I thought what the hell. I have cleaned the contacts on mine but personally until I try it I dont think its going to work but I was up for the challenge anyway. The new A3 that I have now with my U9 is awesome though !!

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  2. fvkey

    fvkey New Member

    Hey, man, thank you so much for the info.
    Very helpful.
    My Minix Neo A2 Lite is working again!
  3. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    And what was the issue with it?
    How did you fix it?
  4. fvkey

    fvkey New Member

    Couple of weeks ago it stopped working, I dont know why.
    So, I opened it, cleaned... maybe dried it? (I saw like a small spot of wet or humidity).
    I assemble back the remote and thats it, its working now.
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