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Dstv Now & SuperSport Apps not working on U1

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Bradfordv, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    @Bradfordv , message you about login info, please check inbox, thanks.
  2. Bradfordv

    Bradfordv New Member

    Hi Ken

    Yes I have done the latest firmware upgrade to version 009.

    Yes the details for the Dstv Now app is correct and yes the country is South Africa.
  3. Bradfordv

    Bradfordv New Member

    I have replied to your message regarding the Username and Password.
  4. Ert13

    Ert13 New Member

    Any feedback on getting DSTV Now working on the U1?
  5. Bradfordv

    Bradfordv New Member

    Hi Ert13. No nothing from MINIX about this issue. They asked for my login and password to get into the App but that was in August and the last time I got any correspondence from them...think they've given up on this or don't care.
  6. Ert13

    Ert13 New Member

    @Bradfordv thankyou for the feedback. @MINIX - Ken please assist with resolving the compatibility issues with the DSTV now app. Several of my mates also have the U1 and all are complaining about the DSTV app not working. Hopefully there is enough time to roll out the fix with the upcoming v10 firmware update.
  7. Pdscoelho

    Pdscoelho New Member

    Yes and the Supersport app, video streaming apps are really useful for these minix devices.
  8. Toufinious

    Toufinious New Member

    no issues with supersport

    i think the DSTV now app issue seems to be a dstv thing, a few other android box users also complaining about it on mybb for example.

    have you guys contacted multichoice?
  9. Johno102

    Johno102 Active Member

  10. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member

    hi all. There was an update to the DSTV Now app on the 15th Dec 2016. Has this fixed the problems you were facing?
  11. Joburgtaxi

    Joburgtaxi New Member


    I am in the UK and desperately trying to get DSTV now working however I need someone with a valid DSTV premium account to trust me with their login details.

    I m aware that I will need to setup a VPN on my MXQ android box to bypass the geo blocking feature.

    I am willing to pay someone £10 per month via paypal if they will allow me to use their DSTV Now login details, let me know.

    Cheers :)
  12. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member

    I've emailed DSTV and apparently they say "Please note that we do not support Minix Devices and you will not have access to DSTV Content on that device. The Devices are not register on our platform. We do not have a Licensing agreement with Minix therefore the devices are not supported by DSTV Now."
  13. torgo

    torgo New Member

    Old thread, but a follow up. Anyone got the DSTV now app resolved for minix. I bought a U9 and the DSTV app is not working. says someone else has registered the device. DSTV indicates that the minix is not supported by their DRM partner. This is over a year ago that they mentioned that. Does not seem like they have moved at all on the issue.

    Looks like I should can DSTV!
  14. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member

    I got this working on my U1. what i needed to do is do an inApp email (within DSTV now) this included all your technical details of the machine and app. and ask them to registered the device form any user accounts. Once they did this and confirmed I could login successfully. That was several months back now.
  15. torgo

    torgo New Member

    Thanks Ct_boy. Will try sending in email from the dstv now app. What type of info do they require from Minix device an dapp?
  16. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member

    This info gets added to the email automatically via the App. They may inform you that your OS is out of date and needs to be on Android 4.1 as a min, but I found that the tech details pulled fomr the app wasn't picking up the correct OS version
  17. torgo

    torgo New Member

    This is what they replied. Think standard reply

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting MultiChoice.

    Please be advised that the following is required in order to make use of DStv Now:
    A compatible IOS or Andriod device.
    Internet connectivity on your IOS or Andriod device.
    A Connect ID (linked to your DStv account).We provided a link below to register your account online:https://connect.dstv.com/4.1/en-ZA/RegisterFlow

    As a valued customer it’s important for us to keep you entertained and assure that you receive the best service.

    Should you require further assistance, we would be more than happy to assist.Kind regards,
    Caylynn Tantij
  18. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member

    yip, standard reply. just reply saying your all is updated and connected, please register this device as its never been registered to any account in the past.
  19. RottenApple

    RottenApple New Member

    thanks chaps!! :notworthy:

    followed the suggestions as above and DSTVNow working 100%
  20. Ct_boy

    Ct_boy New Member